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Flawless skin is the holy grail of beauty. The intoxicating exquisiteness of picture perfect faces, adorning the glossy pages of fashion magazines, ignites such tremendous envy in women that femmes will to do anything to achieve similar perfection. Nevertheless, despite the overwhelming number of new products hitting the market every day, achieving a gorgeous, glowing complexion remained a castle in the sky-that is until now. Ladies, cast aside heavy foundations and caked on powders. The Air(o)pack, an astoundingly innovative way of applying a new breed of makeup, is revolutionizing the world of cosmetics.

Feride Uslu, the CEO and creative mastermind behind Usluairlines' unprecedented success (her brand outsold Chanel at Barney's, New York), started experimenting with airbrushing technology while working as a professional makeup artist.

Unsatisfied with the mask like results rendered by the arduous application of conventional foundations, Feride made it her mission to achieve naturally picturesque results each time. After years of trial and error, Feride and her husband, Jan, realized their dream of incubating a light weight, portable device that mists the face with liquid color. The rest is history in the making.

The Air(o)pack delivers Usluairlines' water based, ultra refined products with a jet steam of air. The experience is extremely gentle and refreshing. After filling the color cup with a few droplets of your shade of micronized makeup, turn on the air flow and proceed to lightly spray your face. There is no need for blending. No skill or talent is necessary. The key to immaculate results is constant motion. Just animate the magic wand in steady circular movement, letting the air guide you. In fact don't even look at the mirror, for "Usluairlines is not a visual thing. It's sensory. You feel a soft hint of makeup rather than seeing it."

Applying a single sheer layer of Uslucolor (each one of the 44 amazing shades has been aptly named after an international airport-my favorite is Charles de Gaulle) will result in a dewy, pure look. After flying Usluairlines your skin will radiate a fresh, natural and

even appearance like never before because the light and uniform delivery of the micron-pigment mist will amplify your true splendor instead of hiding it behind impenetrable coatings of heavy cosmetics. As the irresistibly cute, bubbly red head Feride Uslu, whom I had the privilege of meeting and getting a private demonstration from says, "Let your freckles shine through." However, if you are convinced that you need more coverage or wish to achieve dramatic results, the sky is the limit.

Since the airbrushed application of pigment is incredibly sheer, light and smooth, several drops of makeup is all it takes to attain desired results. This pioneering approach dramatically reduces the amount of foundation that goes into your skin, which in turn allows your pores to breathe and stay clean. Finally, the New Age products designed to work specifically with the Air(o)pack are water based, meaning they dissolve upon contact with water and stay put all day.

Usluairlines also offers more traditional products such as brushes, lipsticks, concealers and mascaras to its customers. However the company's main priority is airbrush technology.

The Air(o)pack and Uslu cosmetics are currently available to makeup-istas at:

213 Rue Saint-Honorť
75001 Paris

Barney's New York
660 Madison Ave. at 61st Street
New York, NY 10021

Each Uslu kit ($461) comes with an incredibly hip, unscripted instructional DVD, featuring fashion mavens such as ChloŽ Sevigny, Christina Kruse, Gabi & Kai (As Four designers) learning how to use airbrush technology in a matter of minutes. Just like Feride triumphantly exclaims, "It is child's play." What are you waiting for? The future is already here. It is the new era of "Beauty Makeup Supersonic."

Are you ready for take off?



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