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Autumnal Beauty by Angela Huff
I must be getting older. I stare off into the distance and mumble to myself, "Where did the time go?". Yet another fall season is upon us and it seems as though just as it's gotten warm enough to wear those flirty dresses, it's time to start thinking about The Boots and, The Coat. But, I digress. My domain is The Face and The Hair...

Helping me with The Look, is a hot little company called Three Custom Color Specialists; known to the industry cogniscenti as 3CC.

Founded around seven years ago by three delightful people: Chad, Scott, and Trae; this company specializes in custom made color cosmetics. That's right ladies. Was your favorite lipstick discontinued? Do you love a certain brand's green eyeshadow but wish it had a touch more yellow? This company can help. For a while now they've been mentioned in magazines such as Elle, Vogue, and Harper's Bazaar. Three Custom Color Specialists can match any lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, or powder you send them. It's true! It's best if you can send them a sample so it can be analyzed; but let's say you want to match a lipstick to your bridesmaid's coral dresses; it can be done with a swatch of fabric. Touring the Three Custom Color lab with Chad; I was impressed not just by the incredible range of colors ( which by the way, are globally approved, so whether you live in San Francisco, California; or San Sebastian, Spain; you will be able to order from them.) but also by the fact that the products are made right there. Three Custom Color Specialists are not just slapping a label on someone else's products; they make it all right there in Manhattan. And talk about a color archive! Three Custom Color has over six thousand lipstick colors on file; going back to the 30's with every brand from Revlon to Y.S.L. The beauty is, it only takes a week or so to get your custom color done, and once it's made, they will keep it on file for future orders. The only thing Three Custom Color doesn't match is fragrance, they don't use it. Besides, who really needs that in make-up anyway?

This fall, eyes are smokey, but still colorful. Featured here, this Fall's refillable Trio Palette with Bronze, Champagne, and Bronzed Plum. These colors have a beautiful shimmer and look great on anyone. The Bronze color can warm up brown eyes and make blue or green eyes 'pop'. For more intense color, Three Custom Color eyeshadows can also be applied wet. Try using the Bronzed Plum as an eyeliner or the Champagne color for soft highlights. Sexy eyes are being seen everywhere in fall campaigns from Louis Vuitton to the master of minimalism Calvin Klein. Sophisticated and strong, but never slutty.

Lips are definitely polished and done this season. Whether you go for the classic red as seen in ads for Dolce & Gabbana and Prada, or the flesh tones of Chanel and Bluemarine; sheer is "out" and coverage is "in". Featured here: The Three Custom Color Lip Gloss Palettes which have ten great shades meant to compliment either warm or cool complexions. Use the colors as is, or mix up your own shades. Have Fun!

Skin can look perfect with the Three Custom Professional Concealer Palette. Many pros, including myself, keep this in their kit. The formula goes on smooth and sheer, but can be built up to hide dark circles or blemishes; and with ten colors from super light to super dark, this palette makes it very easy to hide any flaws with just the right amount of coverage for anyone.

Blush is not about color this season. Some make-up artists are just using a darker foundation from the Palette or bronzer to make cheeks look sculpted. For example, have a look at the latest Gucci ads. Sure, part of that face is genetics and lighting; but the cheeks, while defined are decidedly a flesh color. Try using Beige from the Ready to Wear collection, it's a great neutral color. Versatile and
easy to use, Three Custom Color Creme to Powder Blushes can also be used on eyes or lips.

You can get the Three Custom Color Specialists ready-to-wear collection at specialty boutiques and of course on the web at: or Telephone inquiries call 888-262-7714.

If you're lucky enough to be in Manhattan, you can arrange for a consultation at the Three Custom Color Specialists Color Studio. For an entirely reasonable fee, a specialist (or for a bit more, one of the founders) will sit down with you and help create custom colors and designs which you can wear everyday or for special events. Isn't it nice to know you don't have to be a celebrity or a fashion industry insider to enjoy the beauty of your own personalized make-up?!

I'm going to gamble again and throw out a random prediction. (They usually come true eventually right?) Curls are loosening up and I think by next spring, but definitely next fall, hair will be officially straight. I hope you didn't toss your ceramic straightner; but you might put the curling iron away. Still, I'm getting a little ahead of myself. We want to know about NOW. Fashion has been moving away from the tight 40's and 50's glam curls to something far looser and sexier. Almost as if the way hair would look at the end of the day. The curl has moved toward the bottom, but there is still a soft wave and body at the top. Some might call it the natural progression of things, or gravity. Personally I think it's stylists getting tired of spending an hour plus curling a model's hair. Which is fine, it was fun while it lasted. (As long as we don't go back to the nasty, I'm-too-cool-to-wash-much-less-comb-my-hair look of the Courtney Love, et al, rocker chic era.) The easiest and my personal fave way to do this season's hair?

Thermal Velcro Rollers. These are definitely not for everyone, especially if you have delicate, baby fine hair, but they're very simple to use. No, the rollers don't have to go all over the head;you can just do the front half to frame your face and give your hair a little body... I have two techniques. First, I like to put the roller in halfway or a third of the way on the section of hair and roll to the scalp. This leaves the ends free (and straight) but gives the hair lift at the root. Try a little Terax Original Lotion--Volume or Charles Worthington's Big Hair--Volumizing Mousse. Just make sure it's dry before you put the rollers in. Another way is the traditional roll up from the end of the hair. It only takes a couple of minutes to roll your hair, and with a little hot air from a blowdryer, you'll be on your way. In the mean time you could be putting on your make-up or getting dressed. How long to leave them in is up to you, some people have hair which will curl without heat, some might need to heat the rollers and leave them in a full ten minutes. It's up to you to decide the effect you want. Just use big rollers, or you might get the 70's cheerleader look. When you feel sufficient time has gone by, just pull the rollers out. Brush your hair for soft waves or finger comb and use a little product just on the ends for a piece-y look. For a smooth finish, try a dab of Bumble and Bumble's Brilliantine. This look is neither uptight housewife curls, nor do-nothing hang straight hair. Day or night, Uptown or Downtown, this hair is sophisticated and NOW.

Most beauty supply stores and some salons will carry some or all of these products: (* Prices vary)

Thermal Velcro Rollers, $5.00
Bumble & Bumble Brilliantine, $18.00
Charles Worthington Volumizing Mousse, $10.00
Terax Original Lotion-Volume, $20.00

3C Eye Kit
3C Lipstick
3C Lipstick
3C Concealer
3C Blush

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