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Beauty is an enigma. While aesthetic ideals change drastically over time, the fascination with youth and vitality stays constant. A porcelain face framed by voluminous ringlets transcends time to embody everlasting exquisiteness. Despite the seasonal transformation of a woman’s wardrobe, a full healthy head of hair and picture perfect skin remain her crowning glory.

Hair is a fashion statement. With the right cut, color, and styling hair can speak volumes. In addition to the expert touch of a coiffeur, the splendor of our tresses depends on how we take care of our body. Indeed, the right diet, exercise, and sleep regimen can resuscitate the dullest mane. By the same token alcohol consumption, smoking, and eating disorders can render locks once full of vitality dull and dry. Hence, the key to flattering, eye-catching, brilliant hair is health.

Besides leading a wholesome lifestyle, the modern woman can use an array of remarkable products to improve the quality of her hair. While science cannot perform miracles the right remedies can radically repair damaged, lifeless hair.

René Furterer products are one way to treat your hair to magnificent care. Starting out with the conviction that a healthy scalp is the secret to beautiful hair René Furterer creates rich formulas from botanical ingredients, plant extracts, and essential oils indigenous to Provance, France. The line contains highly effective remedies for a wide array of problems, ranging from flaky scalp to chemically treated hair.


Dry Shampoo:
This extra gentle shampoo with oat extract requires no water. Since excessive washing with products that contain alcohol and resin strips the hair of much needed oils, Fashionlines recommends that you use this powdery spray between lathers. We guarantee that within minutes your hair will regain volume and lightness.

PS. This is a great option for ladies on the run. Simply spray and go.




The future of skin care is here. Cosmetics can prolong the appearance of young and supple skin, but ultimately aging is inevitable. Since the skin around the eyes is five times thinner than the face, the eyes require consistent care and vigilant defense. Thanks to 30 years of research Klorane laboratories offer remarkable products made with cornflower extract for sensitive eyes.


Remember beauty thrives with care, so nourish it.



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