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The answer to beautiful skin is in nature’s bounty. The subject of temptation since the beginning of time, the apple seems to hold the secret to youth. In today’s market it is almost impossible to keep track of all the new beauty products. The fastest growing segments in personal care are the so-called “natural products”, but it is hard to know what natural means. Fashionlines recently sat down with Karen Behnke, the attractive mother of two young children and CEO of Juice Beauty, the number one organic beauty brand as rated by the major fashion editorials. Behnke explained: botanical is plant based but not necessarily organic, and natural means the product contains anywhere from as much as 80% to as little as less than 1% natural ingredients. The real future is in the organic segment and Juice Beauty seems to be taking the lead in defining what organic means. The California based company (the state is one of the few that regulates the content of organic beauty products) uses blends or organic liquid botanicals and aromatherapeutic essential oils to refresh and renew the skin. The products deliver concentrated boosters of vitamins C and E found in juice extracts that are powerful anti-aging ingredients. JuiceBeauty products contain 70% or more organic ingredients. Behnke says, “environmental groups have collected data about the amounts of synthetics found in the bloodstream of women and children and it is astounding. A lot of the carcinogens that have been taken out of food are still in beauty products, and the skin absorbs all of this”. Juice Beauty uses only organically grown products farmed without pesticides and without synthetic dyes, fillers, fragrances, or other harsh chemicals. They use minerals and juice tints, eliminating any potentially harmful ingredients from being absorbed into the system. In addition, Juice Beauty formulas are concentrated for quick absorption delivering maximum nutrients to the skin. Juice Beauty will be the first organic beauty care company to go paraben free, the last synthetic preservative still used in organic products.

Juice Beauty’s best selling product, Green Apple Enzyme Peel contains malic acid from green apples that is very effective for cell turnover, smoothing fine lines, improving skin tone and texture. The success of this product has lead to a whole new line that is being first announced here in Fashionlines-- the Green Apple Line. This line will include 6 new products with alpha hydroxy acids from green apples. These products have the powerful antioxidant, DMAE, for more age defying action. It seems that the core to beauty is found in the apple! Juice Beauty has a strong celebrity following that includes, Candice Bergen, Cameron Diaz, Ashley Judd, Shirley MacLaine, Toni Collette, Madonna, Cindy Crawford, Jenny Garth, and Ray Romano. In addition, Juice Beauty is the set beauty product provider for” CSI Miami”, “The Sopranos”, “ BostonLegal”, and the Tim Robbins film, “Zathura”.

According to Behnke, Juice Beauty gives the best results for daily prevention and nourishment of the skin, short of an injection or the scalpel. Juice Beauty is for the customer who wants results with an organic solution, using a more gentle and natural process to smooth lines and prevent future lines. Behnke says, “Juice Beauty is as powerful as other chemical cosmocueticals while being good for you and good for the planet”.

Fashionlines loves the delicious and fresh aromas of the Juice Beauty "eco-chic" products. But what we like most is the results, smoother skin.

The products are available at Sephora, select Nordstrom stores, and upscale pharmacies, such as Pharmacia and Elephant Pharmacy kiosks in Saks Fifth Avenue, Shop NBC and at www. There are a total of 15 products for a range of skin types and four skincare solution kits, making skincare simple, safe, and most of all effective!



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