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In the dry, sweltering heat of the desert, the Four Season Hotel Las Vegas is a mirage of luxury. Designed to afford distinguished guests a world-class experience, the five diamond hotel lavishes affluent travelers with personalized attention, opulent accommodations, and delicious culinary delights. Boasting a residential-style ambiance, award winning services, and exclusive shops, the Four Seasons LV represents a new level of sophistication in a city, traditionally associated with casinos and jam-packed mega-resorts.  

Blissfully isolated from the cha-ching of slot machines, the Four Season Las Vegas is a safe heaven for discerning vacationers and businessmen. Being the only non-gaming hotel located on the neon-lit ostentation otherwise known as the Strip, the Four Seasons strives to make an impression through more subtle and elegant means.

At the Four Seasons Las Vegas every guest is treated like a celebrity. However, to get the real royal treatment, Fashionlines encourages visitors to make an appointment at the Four Seasons Spa, famed for its Javanese and Balinese rituals. After reveling in the relaxation precipitated by the delectable aromatherapy treatments and therapeutic services this “oasis of serenity” has to offer, you will discover the true essence of indulgence. So go ahead and “enter the calm."

The Realm of Kuan Yin

The Spa is a kingdom reigned over by the goddess of compassion, Kuan Yin. Decorated with lavish silks and oriental ornaments, the deity’s realm is an homage to Indonesia. The wide array of services available incorporates ancient wisdom and exotic ingredients to afford ultimate relaxation, rejuvenation, and beautification. From the eucalyptus steam room to the meditation lounge, regal pleasures find new meaning at the Four Season Las Vegas Spa.

Complexion Picturesque

Four Seasons aestheticians use Phytomer, a marine-based skin care line, for their lush facials. The organic contents of these products like seawater, seaweed, and micro-algae are proven to revitalize the skin.

The Aqua Lift Facial is the modern day equivalent of the fountain of youth. This treatment uses products from the Phytomer Ogenese collection to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The deluxe process leaves the skin feeling toned and hydrated. For those seeking a glowing and youthful appearance, the Acqua Lift is a soothing alternative to invasive injections and expensive surgery.  

The Purifying Facial is devised to correct unbalanced skin. Focusing on the elimination of excess sebum (oils) and impurities, this treatment employs exfoliation, deep cleansing, a seaweed mask and a relaxing facial massage to calm the epidermis.

Bodily Zen

The Bali Sea Scrub is an incredibly invigorating exfoliation the Spa offers. Using pure sea salts, flower petals, and Bali flower massage oil a therapist rubs the body diligently, refreshing and exfoliating the dead skin. The energizing yet calming session of this oceanic remedy leaves even the weariest traveler supremely refreshed.

The Royal Rub is taste of the majestic Javanese Lulur Royal Ritual. The ‘ceremony’ begins with a brisk scrub using a blend of rice, turmeric and aromatic jasmine. Inspired by an Indonesian pre-nuptial ritual and practiced in the middle of the desert, this therapeutic extravagance is an imperial marriage of opposites.  

The Champagne Mud Wrap uses the bubbly to detoxify the body. This intensely beneficial remineralization treatment stimulates the release of unhealthy accumulation in the digestive, circulatory, and lymphatic systems. While enveloped in the frothy seaweed and champagne mix, you can feel the muscles relaxing as the mud gradually heats up.

Massage Extraordinaire

The Jamu Massage is a meditative massage combining Hindu, Chinese, and European techniques. Unique Jamu massage strokes include skin rolling, wringing, and percussion. Further, lucky recipients can choose from heavenly aromatic scents a lá island fruits, island spice, and island flowers.

The Zen Garden Massage employs the power of heated stones for comfort and relief from tension. The smooth stones in varied sizes placed on the body carry warmth deep into the muscles, tissues, and joints. This popular massage melts away all tension and stress.

Asian Rituals 

The Bali Spice Ritual uses the sizzling power of spices to increase blood circulation and relieve aches. This all-natural, traditional alternative to the unglamorous heat-pack is a favorite among professional athletes. The treatment begins with an hour long massage session using a special bali spice oil. Then native clove, ginger, and “boreh” spices are blended into a body mask. While the mask is drying meditative compressions are applied.

The Volcanic Earth Ritual uses a clay body mask, traditionally used in the Orient to keep the skin cool and covered from the tropical sun. While the mask purifies the skin, the recipient is relaxed with rhythmic compressions. Finally, warm towels are applied to relieve the muscles and remove the mask.  

Indeed, finding an elegant hotel defined by an unwavering commitment to perfection in a town of bogus dazzle is like discovering an oasis in the infinite sands of the Sahara.  To that add a touch of Asian inspired indulgence and you may even want to become a full-time Bedouin.

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