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Since 1973, celebrity hairstylist Peter Coppola has been a beauty industry icon. Peter Coppola enlisted D’Arcy Laboratories to create his professional hair care line so consumers around the country could use the same innovative products historically available only at his Madison Avenue salon in Manhattan.

Peter Coppola New York designer hair care products are inspired by the energy and creativity of New York City and infused with the exclusive Soyagen® Complex, a revolutionary new development in hair care. This luxurious blend of organic soy protein, vitamins B5 and B12, and jojoba oil works on hair to reverse the negative effects of the aging process and leaves hair silkier, fuller, and more vibrant. For additional information on Peter Coppola New York, visit

1. After so many years in the business, what keeps you interested/inspired?

New York City has always inspired me. The spirit of the City and its people is just unbelievable. I notice an amazing sense of style everywhere—the people, the clubs, the restaurants, the architecture—everything starts in the City and then filters out to the rest of the world. In fact, D’Arcy Laboratories and I just created a Flavors of New York gift set as a sensory exploration of the City. The scent of each shampoo and conditioner is inspired by the energy and creativity of New York’s most well-known neighborhoods; SoHo, Chinatown, Wall Street, and Central Park. When I walk around Chinatown, I notice that even the air seems spiced with mystery. The shampoo and conditioner for that neighborhood is scented with green tea and ginger. The whole kit is truly a unique aromatherapy experience and a celebration of New York.

2. Do you have a favorite hair color?

No, I think any color that makes the skin look beautiful is my favorite hair color. I maintain a very natural approach to beauty. That’s the main reason I work with D’Arcy Laboratories. They are well-known in the beauty industry for developing products using high-quality natural ingredients, and they’ve successfully maintained those standards to develop my hair care line.

3. What do you see the look shifting into for summer and fall?

Hair will keep a natural shape, with loose curls and a healthy shine.

4. How do we achieve this look if we aren't able to get into a salon?

The 6-piece Essential Body Building Kit, which sparked a 7,000-name waiting list at QVC, is the ideal collection of designer hair care products to achieve this year’s prettiest hairstyles. The Kit gives hair a thicker, fuller look, and it contains Pump-Up Shampoo, Xtra-Body Conditioner, Structural Thickening Cream, Extra-Body Styling Myst, Body Heat Thickening Treatment, and Hi-Define Styling Mudd. When used together or separately as needed, these products can change the way your hair behaves.

5. With curls back "in" for the last few seasons, do you think advertisers/taste makers are more accepting of all hair textures; or do you think it's just a passing phase and we'll go back to everyone trying to straighten her hair?

Yes, there is definitely more acceptance of different types of hair and textures. Healthy, bouncy curls are hot again, shiny straight hair is always chic, and ethnic women are realizing the beauty of their natural hair texture.

6. Who is the "ideal" client? The one who comes in and says, "Do whatever you want" or the one who shows you a picture and has a definite idea in her head? Neither or both?

The ideal client has an idea in mind. For example, if a client comes in and tells their stylist that they want to be a redhead or have short hair, there is no way to know if the stylist can visualize the same image. If a client shows the stylist a picture or names a well-known hairstyle, it’s easier to replicate. But at the end of the day, the adventurous client who is willing to take risks is always my favorite.

7. When you started, did you envision the success you have now; and would you have done anything different?

I’ve always felt grateful that my designs are appreciated by so many people. And, the fact that I can help so many people feel beautiful is very rewarding. Thankfully, D’Arcy Laboratories has developed and manufactured my products at such a high level of quality and innovation. Enhanced beauty can give people the confidence they need to take chances; their lives may even be changed. I’m happy to play a part in their joy.

8. Usually when we discuss beauty 99% of the time the focus is on women; but with the whole acceptance of the "metrosexual" more and more men are caring about their appearance. Hair-wise, many men have stepped up past the barbershop and are going for a "style". What's "the cut" for men this season?

I think the same style principles apply to a man’s cut. Male hairstyles will have more texture and the length will be a little longer than we’ve seen traditionally. To create that texture, men need to use a styling paste or shaping product. The Peter Coppola Essential Body Building Kit and the Makeover products were designed for both men and women. I also recommend my Xtreme Shaping Myst and Hi-Define Styling Mudd.

9. Many women abuse their hair by over styling with heat or products. Any suggestions of things these women could stop doing which would help their hair, without completely sacrificing style control?

People with over styled hair are usually using too much of the wrong products. The hair must be protected and supported with styling aids such as the Peter Coppola Makeover System. This 7-piece style-altering complex is formulated with ceramides—complex compounds of oils, minerals and proteins—to maintain moisture levels and bind the hair’s keratinic fibers. This unique formula will transform your hair. The treatment kit is a complete makeover system, designed to take hair from limp and boring to dynamic and full. Even in extreme humidity, hair will retain controlled style and motion.

10. Everyone always asks, how often should one wash her hair?

The answer depends on the scalp. People with normal to dry scalps only need to wash hair two to three times a week. If you have an oily scalp, you need to wash your hair four to five times a week. However, my Damage Control Double Latte Shampoo and Conditioner are gentle and nourishing enough to use everyday.



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