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Summer is here, and women across the land are beginning crave leisurely days on the beach. After existing in dark and cold corners for a whole season, reviewing popular travel destinations, booking plane tickets and unearthing that itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini are simply exhilarating—or not. Let’s be honest, during winter, hidden under the protective layers of thick winter clothes, our bodies can fall into a state of….how do I put this…..disrepair. Come summer time, braving the beach in a small piece of fabric can be terrifying. That is why Fashionlines is publishing a complete and comprehensive guide to swimsuit fabulousness.

The rippled dimply skin around the hips and thigh area is major source of insecurity among women. Believed to be a hereditary trait that starts with puberty, cellulite plagues 80% of women. Though a common occurrence, this unsightly condition is not an absolute destiny. Cellulite develops when the body’s fat storage areas become blocked as a result of ingesting toxins from sources like nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine. Eliminating these contaminants from your life can help erase the orange-peel look from your buttocks. Exercising regularly is also prevents cellulite formation. Since physical activity converts body fat into muscle and improves circulation, hitting the gym, if not to lose weight and tone the body, will help in getting that perfect looking behind. Keep in mind, exfoliation creams and body brushing too can help break up fatty deposits resulting in a smoother appearance of the target areas.

Fashionlines Tip: Clarins Body Firming Cream gives the skin an instantly ‘lifted’ appearance. After continuous use the sponginess is minimized, while the support fibers of the skin are reinforced.

In January a girl can effectively hide the unsightly view of hair growth, but in bikini season hair removal is a must. In order to reveal the body in all its glory, one must first strip away the natural but unappealing down covering it. There are a dizzying number of procedures designed to do exactly this, but understanding the pro and cons of each is crucial to making the right choices.

Bleaching works best for facial hair, but if applied to overly sensitive skin, it can cause a rash. Depilatories dissolve the hair shaft, but are unsuitable for facial applications. As depilation does not get rid of the root, regrowth is usually speedy. (Also many complain about the chemical smell associated with this method.) Electrolysis, the practice of transmitting a low-voltage electric current to destroy the papilla, is the most effective way to eliminate hair in the long term. While a slight burning session can cause discomfort, the intensity of the pain varies from individual to individual. Waxing, ever more popular thanks to the Brazilians, is the perfect reason to toss out the old razor. After waxing, skin is smooth (the wax removes a considerable amount of dead skin cells along with hair) and regrowth isn’t for at least a month. Since there is quite a bit of pain involved in this process, many go the route of shaving daily. However, cutting the hair follicle consistently, without removing the root, strengthens the hair. So, women who refuse dispense with the blade are bound to end up with darker, thicker, more bristly growth.

Fashionlines Tips:

  • 24 hours prior to bleaching facial hair conduct a patch test. This will reveal any sensitivity to the chemicals in the product.
  • Before waxing exfoliate your body in order to free ingrown hairs.
  • If you decide to get electrolysis, be very picky about the professional performing the procedure. Results vary significantly depending on the technician’s skills.
  • If you absolutely must shave, do it at the end of your shower. The steam will open up the pores, affording a closer, smoother shave.


Protecting the skin from the sun’s harmful rays is a serious matter people are finally beginning to grasp. Every day, regardless of the weather report, it is essential to apply a moisturizer with an SPF factor to the face and all other body parts, not protected by clothing. According to Dr. Nicholas Perricone sun damage is the number one cause of wrinkles, crows-feet and discoloration. Besides the fear of aging prematurely, the possibility of getting skin-cancer (melanoma) is a major reason not to throw caution to the wind. Today, this fatal form of skin cancer is striking at increasingly younger ages.

Long gone are the days of carelessly grilling under the sun slathered in baby-oil. According to dermatologists, the worst kind of damage occurs when skin is exposed to the sun extensively after a long hiatus. That is why, regardless of the tone of your skin, use a cream with at least SPF 15 in the initial days of a vacation all over your body and face. You need not be lying by the pool when the damage occurs. You may get burned while taking a walk on the beach or lunching on the patio!


Fashionlines Tips:

  • Apply sun screen at least 20 minutes prior to going outside. This time period will allow the SPF to set in and take effect.
  • The most effective sun screens contain titanium dioxide, zinc oxide or avobenzone, and octyl-methoxycinnimate (OMC). Read labels before buying.
  • The letters SPF stand for “sun protection factor”. SPF is directly related to the skin’s natural protection time. For instance, if you can stay in the sun with out burning for 5 minutes, SPF 15 will protect your skin 15 times longer (5 x 15 = 30 minutes).
  • Remain in the shade between 11 am and 3 pm, for this is when the sun is the most intense.
  • Apply sun screen every two hours and after swimming.
  • If you develop moles after being in the sun, seek a consultation with a dermatologist.  

Not all bodies are created equal. Instead of obsessing about skinny hanger models or voluptuous cover girls the healthiest approach is to work on accentuating our best features. Every vacation, I observe women with the potential to look amazing, sporting the worst bathing suit for their body type. You can’t imagine my disappointment at seeing pear shaped femmes with boys’ shorts. This attempt at camouflage attracts more attention to their problem area. And speaking of fashion mis-steps, why do some ladies insist on buying their bikinis from the children’s department? Remember, too little fabric communicates both a lack of class and touch with reality! Here is the Fashionlines way to look chic, beautiful and sexy on la playa.

Fashionlines Tips:

  • Be adventurous with colors. Try on bright hues and zingy tints. Juxtaposed against bronze skin, vivid shades stand out.
  • To give the illusion of an ample bosom, choose on an under wired top with padding.
  • If you are not comfortable with your midriff, buy a backless one piece.
  • To hide the thighs and buttocks, loosely tie a sarong around the waist.
  • Wear a black swimsuit for its slimming effect.
  • Before opting for an intricate design with cut out panels think about tan lines.
  • Don’t forget that skimpy does not necessarily mean sexy.





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