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Spring has finally arrived. The golden sunshine coyly seeping through the clouds is heralding long, balmy days at the seaside. After procrastinating under thick, monochromatic sweaters, it is time to unearth that itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini. But, if you are not looking as scorching as you had hoped (thanks to comfort foods savored while watching the snow powder the front yard) now is the time to reverse the clock. Here is all the information one needs to brave la playa in the most daring beach wear. Follow the 5 tenets of Fashionlines' complete and comprehensive guide to swimsuit fabulousness and sizzle hotter than ever.

I am so sick and tired of the ubiquitous advertisement campaigns for miracle weight loss pills. When it comes to getting a rock hard body, there are no short cuts. One can accelerate weight loss by drinking tons of water, eating low calorie meals and exercising regularly, but no short-cut can do the job. Today science has the ability to decode the human DNA, but the technology (despite billions of dollars spent on research and counting) to eradicate obesity does not exist - just yet. Let's face it: until there is an unforeseen breakthrough, the only way to be thin and toned is through perseverance and sweat.

To jumpstart your diet, detox your body by juicing. For a week, simply replace two meals a day with a glass of freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice and eat one light meal comprised of a green salad (without dressing). Then, throughout the day, snack on protein bars, in moderation, to keep the hunger at a bay. This influx of nutritious liquids will kick the most sluggish of metabolisms into high gear and stoke the furnace that will burn away the fat. But if you are not willing to attempt a radical regimen, try making small changes. For example:

  • Swap sugary sodas for water
  • Eat small meals at least 6 times a day as opposed two wolfing down 3 main feasts.
  • Consume carbohydrates only in the morning.
  • Replace one meal with a low calorie smoothie.
  • Stay away from candy.

Exercising is the key to a healthy, toned and youthful body. Now that the sun is out, it is best to carry your stay-fit regimen to the great outdoors. Leaving the confines of the gym will prove to be rejuvenating. Let the fresh air motivate you to get bikini sexy. For amazingly fast leg toning results, pair up strength moves. For example, try walking lunges with bicep curls (five sets of 15 reps with 5 pound weights.)

For a swimsuit worthy six-pack, focus on working all angles of your abs. Instead of traditional sit-ups, try 3 sets of 20 twisting crunches, alternating left and right sides. Rope jumping is one of the most efficient ways to burn calories, while tightening arm, leg and abdominal muscles. Believe it or not, ten minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to a 30 minute run.


Cellulite develops when the body's fat storage areas become blocked as a result of ingesting toxins from sources like nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine. So, put away the smokes and hide the wine bottle. Replace your daily intake of coffee drinks with green tea or water. But don't despair, as you are not alone. Believed to be a hereditary trait that starts with puberty, cellulite plagues 80% of women. Remember: even though the occurrence of orange-peel look around the thighs is a common occurrence, this unsightly condition is not an absolute destiny. Exercising regularly prevents cellulite formation. Physical activity converts body fat into muscle and improves circulation. Get a gym membership as soon as possible. At the very least, jump on the treadmill or go jogging for 30 minutes everyday. In order to get the perfect tush of your dreams, try doing lunges and squats. 4 reps of 20 lunges and 6 reps of 25 squats per leg, daily, will go along way. Also, keep in mind that exfoliation creams and body brushing help break up fatty deposits, reduce the appearance of 'sponginess' and reinforce the support fibers of the skin

Throughout the winter one has the discretion to up keep a fuzz-free bikini zone or not, but come June it is a different story. At this point, the matter becomes a public issue. In fact, even the hottest body can be ruined with a single glance at tufts of hair sprouting all over the place. In order to reveal your body in all its glory, just do away with the hair obstructing the view. There are a wide variety of procedures designed exactly for this purpose, but understanding the pro and cons of each is crucial to making the right decisions.

Depilatories dissolve the hair shaft, but do not get rid of the root. Meaning, regrowth is speedy. Also the chemical smell and skin irritation associated with this method is a major source of complaint. Electrolysis, meaning the practice of transmitting a low-voltage electric current to destroy the papilla, is the most effective method used to eliminate hair in the long term. While a slight burning session can cause discomfort, the intensity of the pain varies from individual to individual.

Laser hair removal is not suitable for everyone. The absolute requirement for ultimate success is that the targeted hair must be darker than color of the surrounding skin area. However, darkly pigmented people are not ideal candidates either because their skin tends to absorb too much laser energy. Lazer treatment costs are relatively high. In fact, laser hair removal, although much less expensive than electrolysis, requires multiple treatments, and generally costs over $1000 for the bikini zone.

Waxing, ever more popular thanks to the Brazilians, is the perfect reason to leave the razor to the men forever. After waxing, skin is left smooth since the resin removes a considerable amount of dead skin cells along with the hair. Furthermore, regrowth does not occur for at least a month. Since there is considerable pain involved in waxing, many prefer to shave daily. In that case, be forewarned that that cutting the follicle consistently, without removing the root, strengthens the hair. That is why, women who refuse dispense with the blade are bound to end up with darker, thicker, more bristly growth. If you absolutely must shave (in case of a dating emergency) make sure to do it at the end of your shower. The hot steam will open up the pores and afford a closer, smoother shave.

Protecting the skin from sun's harmful rays is a serious matter people are finally taking seriously. Regardless of the weather report, it is imperative to use sun screen every day. According to Dr. Nicholas Perricone "sun damage is the number one cause of wrinkles, crows-feet and discoloration." Besides the fear of aging prematurely, the possibility of getting skin-cancer (melanoma) is a foremost reason not to throw caution to the wind. Today, fatal forms of skin cancer are striking at increasingly younger ages.

Long gone are the days of carelessly grilling under the sun slathered in baby-oil. According to dermatologists, the worst kind of damage occurs when skin is exposed to the sun extensively after a long hiatus. That is why, regardless of the tone of your skin, use a cream with at least SPF 15 in the initial days of a vacation, all over your body and face. You need not be lying by the pool when the damage occurs. Burns can happen while taking a walk on the beach or lunching on the patio!

Apply sun screen at least 20 minutes prior to going outside. This time period will allow the SPF to set in and take effect. Also, note that the most effective sun screens contain titanium dioxide, zinc oxide or avobenzone, and octyl-methoxycinnimate (OMC).

Finally, the letters SPF stand for "sun protection factor." SPF is directly related to the skin's natural protection time. For instance, if you can stay in the sun with out burning for 5 minutes, SPF 15 will protect your skin 15 times longer (5 x 15 = 60 minutes).

Women understand how scary a tiny bit of fabric can be. The lesser the coverage, the more vulnerable we feel. But hiding behind towels and giant sombreros is no longer an option. Make this, your best bikini season ever! To keep on track, think only in terms of red-hot fabulousness. Remember: The beach is your oyster.




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