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For the first time ever, The Makeup Show is gearing towards hosting the biggest names in the beauty industry. On Sunday May 14th and 15th representatives of stellar cosmetics brands, top exhibitors and professionals from every area of makeup artistry will convene in the Big Apple. The unprecedented makeup extravaganza, to be held at the Metropolitan Pavilion, will feature new product introductions, special offers, demonstrations and world famous speakers. It's a must-attend event for anyone involved in the business of makeup. Two days of inspiration, education and community building in the global epicenter of the beauty and entertainment industries - New York City.

This touchstone event is a dream come true for those whole heartedly devoted to the gorgeous splendor, innocent charm, and ephemeral exquisiteness of maquillage. Wildly popular since the first Egyptian blackened her lids with soot, makeup has been worn by men and women alike for centuries. Used ubiquitously by countless cultures, makeup has evolved tremendously since its inception. Hence, looking back at history is necessary to understand and appreciate how far cosmetics have come.

The earliest records of makeup are the unguent jars found in tombs dating back to the 1st Dynasty of Egypt (3100-2907 BC). This ancient anti-wrinkle potion helped keep the pampered royals' skin supple and moist in the scorching desert heat.

Roman philosopher Platus (254-184 BC) wrote, "A woman without paint is like food without salt." Despite Platus' appreciation for dolled up belles, the makeup used in his time sounds like it had a mask-like quality. Speaking of excess, the oodles of whitener, rouge, and lipstick consumed by Parisians during the French Restoration, led repulsed foreigners to conclude that the French had something sinister to hide behind their cakey complexions.


But, aesthetic blunders and criticism were the least of historical consumers' worries. The ingredients used in some of the archaic vanity products, like lead, mercury and nitric acid; not only ruined the skin after continued use, but also caused hair loss, stomach pains, convulsions and, in certain cases, death. The tragic passing of courtesan Kitty Fisher during the Regency era from lethal active ingredients in her makeup arsenal gave new meaning to the term "dangerous beauty." But, casualties in the name of splendor did not end there. When Renaissance entrepreneur Signora Toffana's popular face powder, made from arsenic, resulted in the deaths of 600 of her rich clients' husbands, the 'pioneering' cosmetologist was executed for reckless negligence.


Nonetheless, neither the health hazards nor the fatalities scared devoted cosmetics aficionados into abstinence. In the face of peril, people continued to search for the key to irresistible beauty. Sixth century aristocrats bled themselves for a paler appearance. Elizabethan ladies slathered their faces with egg whites for a glazed look. Victorians massaged castor oil into their eyelashes. British roses used coal tar to color their white tresses. But, innovation and determination eventually paid off. Advances in science improved makeup beyond people's wildest imaginations.

Now the most ground-breaking results of the tireless search for perfection can be seen at the Makeup Show in New York. This May, from the latest advances in airbrush technology to the most innovative products (cast in au courant palettes and produced with the purest, most beneficial ingredients), the best the cosmetics industry has to offer, will be under the roof of the Metropolitan Pavilion. Be there to discover the best kept beauty secrets, chat with pros and enjoy the universe of colorful make-believe.




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