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Seduction has a new name. Biatta Intimates, made out of the finest materials, redefine feminine allure. Sultry and sexy to the core, these breathtaking loop lace g-strings, embroidered bras and Jou Jou tangas brim with sumptuous temptation. And as Oscar Wilde so aptly put it, “The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.”

309 West 38th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90037
T (323) 232-8400 ext 109

Tokidoki is Japanime through an Italian’s eyes. Pasted on slim cut t-shirts Simone Legno’s delightful imaginary characters like, Samba, Sox, Cloudia and Moumou radiate a contiguous exuberance. Apparently, the brand name means “sometimes” in Japanese and the artist chose it simply because he loves Japan. When inquired about his inspiration the irresistibly cute talent with an adorable accent gushes, “I love everything from the ultra modern face of Shibuya to the serious magic of Kyoto. I chose ‘sometimes’ because everyone waits for moments that changes one’s destiny. By simple chance or meeting a new person, Tokidoki is the hope, the hidden energy everyone has inside that gives us strength to face a new day and dream something positive, that something magical will happen to us.” Wouldn’t you agree that we all need some Tokidoki in our lives?

127 East 9 th Street #207
Los Angeles, CA 90015
T (213) 892 0392

Avita catapulted into the fashion scene with the “Live in Cashmere!” slogan, but lately the brand has been making waves with its one of a kind knits made from bamboo. Avita’s beautiful bamboo creations made from a revolutionary anti-bacterial, biodegradable material feel much like silk-cotton blends. Available in zingy colors and inventive designs these pieces are perfect for spicing up your look in eco-friendly style.


Celebrities are no longer issuing press releases to make public statements. Instead of faxing news agencies, today’s stars wear their comments on their chests. Pioneered by the “Dump Him!” t-shirt Britney Spears sported after losing boyfriend Justin Timberlake to Alyssa Milano, this trend has been gaining steady momentum. Indeed, slogans give fashion a loud a voice, but often they run the risk of coming across cheeky and a tad bit cheap. Stella has come up with a brilliant solution to this dilemma. Targeting, sophisticated and elegant women with a penchant for comfort, the brand has created “all-day, all-night, any wear, every wear” emblazoned with inspirational mantras like, “Make Choices – Accept Consequences”, “Be not Afraid of Greatness” and “Keep True to Yourself”. Excellent casual alternatives for women with brains and a sense of humor these clothes are intended to make a statement.

1040 Avenue of the Americas Floor 24
New York, NY 10018
T (212) 382-4606
F (212) 880 1534



Bootzwalla legs and helmets are ‘sin-sational’. Designed with the “regret is blasphemous” spirit these fur accents go all out to make an ostentatious statement. Sporting a Bootwalla accessory dripping with luxurious irreverence is the best way to attract the arrows of ire.


T (917) 905-3313


Conspiracy Eight’s beautiful cotton-cashmere blend creations edged with velvet ribbons are simply adorable. Infused with a boho chic essence, these A line skirts, cropped boleros, peasant tops, and circle skirts will give your wardrobe a delightful bohemian makeover.


T (310) 498-12047

King Baby’s sterling silver jewelry created “for the chosen few” has an A-list celebrity following. Paris Hilton(pictured) and Bruce Willis are amongst the many stars that go gaga over these concho bracelets, evil skull buckles, and celtic cross rings. For the ultimate rock and roll vixen look put on a pair of skin tight leather pants and pile on the gothic crosses by King Baby!

T (310) 828-4438



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