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Shopping in Europe & Asia
Paris Youthquake! A New Youthquake in Paris >

Edited by Christine Suppes
L'ECLAIREUR: The Newest Parist Shopping Experience L'ECLAIREUR: The Newest Paris Shopping Experience >

Written by Christine Suppes
Shopping in london Shopping in London >

Written by Margaret Pluvinage
Shopping in Milan Shopping in Milan >

Written by Sedef Kokcuoglu

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Editor's Pick

Editor's Pick
Franklin’s 5-Language European Translator

Make traveling to Europe easier on yourself if you don't speak the language!   Replacing five separate bilingual dictionaries, this pocket-sized translator provides 210,000 total translations to and from English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.  Features include a Rolodex Electronics databank to store names and phone numbers, calculator with metric and currency converters, a Euro currency converter to convert between Euro and 11 national European currencies, and a clock to check local and world time.

Christian Barbato
On Behalf of Franklin Electronic Publishers
215-867-8600 x227

Shopping in North America
Shopping on Rodeo Drive Shopping In New York City >

Written by Margaret Pluvinage
Melrose Jacobin Revival on Melrose Avenue >

Written by Sedef Kokcuoglu
Vail Shopping in Vail >

Written by Sedef Kokcuoglu
XXX LA Finds >

Written by Sedef Kokcuoglu


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