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Imagine a breathtaking trapeze ballerina, Vittoria, dancing through the air. Her ephemeral, delicate beauty ignites passion and envy as two rivals vow to win her love. The Ringmaster, a man of power iced with pride, is pitted against the Lion Tamer, determined to rule the domain of beasts. This is the world of drama, intricacy, and desire where Coco Kilks’ Circus Collection comes to life.

In the dizzying glitz of the limelight, Coco’s heroines are silently sad, haunted by terrifying recollections of the war. Consequently, the enticing vermillion satin strapless dresses, military inspired tailored jackets, and pitch black trouser suits peppering this collection mirror a duality of existence. Vittoria, a stunning temptress hiding a frightened little girl behind a façade of bogus dazzle, is pursued by two men who also seek separate halves of the whole.

Coco’s creations, defined by rigorous tailoring, impeccable craftsmanship, and architectural details, are infused with a romantic sensibility. Clad in Coco Kliks, picturesque women exist suspended in time, representing a rare moment of beauty. That is why the fashion clique awaits Ms. Kliks’ Autumn 2005 show with imminent anticipation. However, before unveiling her new body of work Coco spoke to Fashionlines about inspiration, art and life as a designer. Here is what she had to say…

Interview with Coco Klicks

1. How did your love affair with the world of fashion begin?

As a young girl in Thailand, I was enthralled with my mother’s elegant friends. Fascinated on the side lines, I had plenty of opportunity to make critical studies of feminine glamour. Perhaps that's when cupid’s arrow hit me...

2. In your opinion, what aspects of your work distinguish you from other designers?

I have my own way of doing things. I’m not cheap or lazy, that's why my stuff looks different.

3. What defines the Coco Kliks woman and her stylistic sensibilities?

Luxurious hand work and a commitment to detail that separate a treasured thing of beauty from a disposable consumer product.

4. How does being an LA based designer affect your creative process?

Living in Los Angeles provides me with the relative isolation to stay focused on my vision, yet affords me the opportunity to show on an emerging platform that is beginning to catch the interest of the media.

5. What is your opinion on LA Fashion Week?

I am entirely grateful that it's consolidated and now gaining momentum, but if LA is ever going to be taken seriously, it's got to grow up , and that means losing the jeans and jersey image.

6. What inspires your art?

Life, people, color, art, history, fashion, nature, dreams…

7. In your most recent collection, you rehashed innocent all-American exuberance. Why? How has the collection been received?

I thought to reference a time in America’s history that was generally more hopeful, united, and creative to draw a comparison to the State of the Union today.

8. You use the past as a point of reference. How do you tailor the old to fit the new?

Maybe I’ll pick a silhouette, or a color palette and I’ll let it influence what I conceive as modern dressing, while staying true to my distinctive style .

9. To you, what is American panache?

Clean, fresh, democratic sportswear, big brands designers like, Michael Kors, Perry Ellis, and Geoffrey Beene. Furthermore, it is brands that have consistently maintained high quality design, sturdy construction, and mass appeal.

10. How do you feel about the fragmentation of fashion?

It gives a chance to many creative voices and perhaps allows the customer more individuality. But, as we near the end of the decade, I think we will see a consolidation of styles and the first signs of the look that will define the fashion of the 2010s.

11. What are the staples of an elegantly chic, effortlessly polished wardrobe?

I think it depends entirely on the individual. Consider your personality and lifestyle and go form there. Don’t buy into a trend unless it truly suits you.

12. Name a personality; past or present, you would like to dress.

Madame de Maintenon (most important mistress of Louis XIV). With one stroke (or dress) one could influence every single woman of fashion in a (very slow) world wide ripple effect - possibly lasting decades, and, of course, price is no object.

13. How do you see your work evolving in the years to come?

The fascination right now is with the past. Our aspirations are rummaging around in the previous century, looking for something kind and familiar. I am happy to be a part of this review. But the shapes I see on the horizon are moving away from the literal and more towards the abstract less recognizable, more personal.

14. Is your name an homage to fashion icon Madame Chanel?

No. I love her arch rival, Schiaparelli.


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