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exerciseNo one knows the reason behind aging. There are two rival theories. The first one argues that growing old is the outcome of a genetic process. Meaning organs are programmed to start deteriorating at certain points in adult life. While the intervals on this timeline vary from person to person, the ultimate destination of heredity remains an inevitable reality for all. The second theory contends that cells simply work themselves to death. Perhaps the answer lies somewhere in between these two hypotheses.

Experts agree that there are two ways to slow down cellular corrosion. A balanced diet and active lifestyle are the most effective youth serums known to man. Exercise habits must be acquired at an early age, but it is never too late to start. A beneficial work out program should consist of aerobic activities that strengthen the heart muscles like lifting weights, biking, swimming, and walking. Remember: in addition to staying young, a fit individual will reduce cancer risk and keep depression at bay.
put your mind to workThe heart isnít the only human muscle in need of activity. The brain needs to work to stay sharp. If you are having difficulty remembering what you had for lunch, it certainly is time for a change. Cerebral functions peak in your 20s. Afterwards they begin a steady decline. Contrary to what was believed in the past, brain cells donít atrophy and die. Instead they continue to multiple throughout a personís life. Apparently, the short term memory loss that plagues many is a direct result of the high paced lifestyle urban dwellers lead. The stress stemming from a hectic existence causes the secretion of high levels of cortisol. Although stress isnít the only reason that cortisol is secreted into the bloodstream, it has been termed ďthe stress hormoneĒ because itís also secreted in higher levels during the bodyís fight or flight response to stress, and is responsible for several stress-related changes in the body. Dharma Singh, the author of Brain Longevity strongly recommends meditation and yoga to his patients. As well as boosting memory, these holistic practices ameliorate hypertension, balance the metabolism, and regulate breathing.

One school of scientists liken the brain to other muscles in the body. Just like our legs donít permit us to run fast as we get older, grey matter looses functionality over time. While it is impossible to stop this progression; it is feasible to slow down bodily degeneration through diet and exercise. The same goes for the brain. Mental exercises are the key to continued cerebral agility. But the story doesnít end there. Antioxidant consumption is also crucial to neurological wellbeing. Therefore, adding fresh fruits and vegetables to the menu is good for the body and the mind. Additionally, taking supplements like Vitamin E, Gingko Balboa, and Omega-3 can make a tremendous difference.

unlocking the secrets of the mindKeeping the axons in the brain active is central to cognition. Playing challenging games like chess and Sudoku can help. However, just watching less television will suffice to improve memory. TV bombards the brain with stimuli, inadvertently speeding up mental decline. Indulging in a reduced amount of a bad thing is logically a good thing.

Nothing keeps memory as astute as emotions, sentiments, recollections, and (naturally) memories. No one forgets their first kiss or high school prom. Ultimately, brain knows the difference between fundamentally important occurrences and peripheral details. That is why emotional excitement triggers physiological responses that etch certain experiences into memory. Some people have a knack for remembering the most tedious specifics. Researchers agree this is ability is a manifestation of a neurotic need for control as opposed to a rare talent. Even though morphing into a control freak is not a desirable outcome, living a meaningful life peppered with interesting experiences is important to leading a ďmemorableĒ life.


Forget the birth date on your driverís license. Age is no longer a mere number. It is a state of mind and body. To stay youthful, dynamic, and healthy for many years to come: stick to Fashionlinesí antiaging strategies.

eat well 1. WATCH WHAT YOU EAT: Stop planning your menu around calorie counts. Consuming plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, skim milk, tofu and whole grains will protect against age related diseases like heart failure. Soy products are especially important as they keep the arteries from clogging and bones from losing mass
stop crash dieting 2. STAY FIT: Obesity is a known cause of heart failure, certain types of cancer, and diabetes. A healthy fat-muscle ratio is somewhere between 19 and 25 percent. To reach your healthy weight goals stay away from junk food and stay active.



3. STOP CRASH DIETING: Don’t embark on every single trendy diet. By now we all know that the “miracle” cabbage soup diet and its numerous incarnations cannot yield sustainable results without jeopardizing wellbeing.
toast to health 4. DRINK TO HEALTH: Alcohol causes the good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood stream to rise. HDL fights against heart disease by cleaning out artery walls. Red wine is a particularly good choice as it contains high levels of resveratrol Ė a compound which keeps blood from clotting. However donít interpret this as a green light to drink an entire bottle of red in one sitting. Ironically too much of a good thing isnít necessarily a good thing. Exercise restraint and common sense.
take your vitamins 5. TAKE YOUR VITAMINS: Supplementing a healthy diet with vitamins ensures that your body is getting the nutrition it needs.
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