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Today many women live their lives in the fast lane. But the break-neck speed of modernity shouldn't be an impediment to beautification. Contrary to common misconceptions, looking fresh, pampered, and well put -together is not a full time job. With the right attitude and Fashionlines' arsenal of express beauty tips you can be picture perfect on the go.


FLAWLESS COMPLEXION: Twice a week use a gentle exfoliator with micro-granules. Massage the face with this product using circular motions for 30 seconds at a time, avoiding the eye area. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry. But if you have oily, breakout prone skin, opt for an at-home micro-dermabrasion kit instead. The metal particles in the formulation will buff away imperfections, treat enlarged pores, and halt excess production of the oily enemy of beautiful skin, sebum.
HIDING BLEMISHES: Always choose a cover-up that matches your skin. Instead of using an applicator brush, dab concealer onto the blemish with clean fingertips. Natural body heat will "melt" the product into the skin, affording a seamless effect.

SWEAT PROOF MAKEUP: The key to long lasting and perfect makeup is prepping the skin with a primer before applying foundation and concealer. While infusing the skin with much needed hydration, primers control oil levels. Consequently, makeup stays put for hours.

HEALTHY GLOW: Choose a foundation with a slightly warmer tone than your natural color. Apply the product all over the face using finger tips. Blend, blend and blend. Follow with a spray of golden bronzing mist. After dusting a peach toned blush over the cheeks, highlight the cheekbones with a shimmering golden eye shadow.

LUMINOSITY: For a sophisticated glow, choose an iridescent powder. Brush it on the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose using a small kabuki. For the ultimate glam effect, also apply in the middle of the lower lip (under your favorite lipgloss) and over the collar bone.

NO-FRIZZ CURLS: If you have fine hair, infuse locks with a light weight mousse before blow drying. If you have thick, voluminous hair, go for the sculpting putty instead.

BIG HAIR: For a mighty mane, spray a volumizing spray onto the roots. First, dry sections of the hair closest to the head - paying special attention not to burn the scalp. Gradually proceed towards the ends. This technique will hold styling in place and provide dimension.
EASY CHIGNON: Part hair on one side and gather into a pony tail. Grab the ponytail at midpoint, lift upwards and twist. Fasten the chignon in place using bobby pins. Don't take care to keep every strand in place as the aim here is to achieve a slightly disheveled look.

LONG-LASTING HAIR COLOR: If you want your hair color to endure until your next coiffeur appointment, use special products for processed hair. Shampoos and creams formulated for dyed tresses keep pigments stuck to the hair shaft, while nourishing dry, damaged strands.

SMOKY GAZE: Apply cream concealer over the lids. Highlight the brow bone with sparkling white powder. Apply glittering black or dark brown shadow from lashes to the crease, blending well along the crescent shape of the lid. Define the upper and lower lash with a kohl pencil. Smudge with a q-tip for a smoky finish. Lastly, curl your lashes and top off with two layers of mascara.
LONGER AND THICKER LASHES: Use a lash primer for length and added volume. After waiting for it to dry completely, apply two coats of your favorite mascara.

For enticing larger-than-life baby blues, line the inner eyelids with a creamy white pencil. Curl the lashes and complete the look with a coat of rich, creamy mascara.

LIP STAIN: For lip color that lasts and lasts, frame and fill in the pout with a lip pencil. Next, using a lip brush dipped in color, go over the mouth, taking care not to miss a spot.

BEE STUNG: To flaunt a fuller pout, rub a drop of lip plumper over the lips. Even though the results will last for just a few hours, this is a quick, highly effective and relatively cheap technique for 3D lips that will keep you coming back for more.

PERFECT RED LIPSTICK: First, you must ascertain which shade of red flatters your skin tone. While crimson reds look best juxtaposed against fair complexions, deeper, flamenco reds are ideal for olive-skinned Mediterranean types.
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