educates and informs visitors about the things they should know when it comes to pet nutrition. This is timely given the recalls and has a fun, hip and educational twist.

Holistic Pet Foods, And The Things You Should Know

"Green" and "Eco-Friendly" are terms and ideas that Americans are incorporating into their lives more and more. Give your pet the same consideration. Holistic pet foods incorporate ingredients that you are likely to see on an organic restaurant menu: free-range chicken, grass-fed beef and organic vegetables.

1. With all these pet food recalls people are finally realizing that for years they've been feeding their animals things they wouldn't even put into their own bodies. Wheat Gluten, melamine, BHA, BHT- yuck! Jamie Wolf tells a story about how formaldehyde affects pet food, "A friend of mine was cleaning out his attic and found an open bag of dog food that had been there for 12 years. It looked exactly the same as the day it was purchased." Jamie says, "the new trend is if it doesn't go bad, don't feed it to your animal."

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2. Holistic pet foods support organic farmers, "a dying breed," says Jamie Wolf. The big agri-business farmers generate more profits while dumbing down our concept of what's good for our animals. Holistic pet food makers have long term deals with their farmers to assure organic status and quality of product.

3. "Mass manufactured pet foods take between 12 and 24 months to get to store shelves from the time they were manufactured," says Wolf. Skip the warehouses, tractor trailers, and wherever else these pet foods sit by going holistic. Find a distributor that produces food every 2-3 weeks and ships direct to your door.

4. Beware the ominous ingredient listings, "Beef or Chicken By-Product". Jamie says, "they are forced to label the ingredients this way because they come from the parts of the animal that are not fit for human consumption. Look for holistic pet foods that give full disclosure in their ingredient listings.

5. Holistic pet foods are produced in facilities that are approved by the FDA for human quality ingredients. Some even go a step further by attaining APHIS certification which is the very strict levels adhered to by European food manufacturers.

6. The holistic pet lifestyle demands responsibility from the pet owner. Even beyond pet food, look for dog and cat beds that are made from recycled products, treats that are prepared in the same manner as your primary foods, toys that are safe and made from recycled goods, and buy from organizations that have charitable ties.

Tips on the Holistic pet food trend from Jamie Wolf, founder of Rescue Rehab Home and The Healthy Dogs USA website offers insights into holistic pet foods, Life's Abundance Holistic Pet Foods, and a weekly, free national conference call with Veterinarian Dr. Jane Bicks on how to live the holistic life style with your pet.

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