While most people focus on what VIPs wear on the red carpet, makeup is the key element to creating a certain "look." Running the gamut from dewy to edgy, celebrities opt for applications that resonate with their persona. This year at the Golden Globes Fashionlines identified 3 picture perfect visages, each with a distinct sensibility. To channel the star power of these flawless faces simply follow our tips.

Lights, camera, action!

Music industry's infamous bad girl is not one to shy away from bold statements. From the tips of her platinum Mohawk to the toes of her combat boots, Pink drips with edgy sensuality. Her trademark black smoky eyes and glossy lips scream smoldering magnetism.

  1. Use a primer to prep the skin and avoid streaking.
  2. Cover blemishes, discoloration and dark under-eye circles with concealer. Blend well with fingertips.
  3. Apply lightweight sheer foundation all over the face using a foundation brush.
  4. Set foundation with loose translucent powder.
  5. Apply creamy golden-bronze eye tint all over the lid, from lashes to the brow.
  6. Sweep black powder eye shadow across the bottom lids; starting from the inner corners and extending outward. Smudge the dark color using a sponge or q-tip.
  7. Using a flat brush dipped in black shadow, line 2/3 of the outer corners of top lids, thickening and extending towards the eyebrows.
  8. Line inner bottom lids with black kohl eye pencil.
  9. Dust iridescent white pigment around the inner corners of the eyes to help "open up" and brighten the gaze.
  10. Fill in the brows with pencil to achieve a structured look.
  11. Dust bridge of the nose and temples with medium bronzer.
  12. Define cheek bones with pink blush.
  13. Apply frosty pink lip gloss.

Our favorite Golden Girl exudes a statuesque splendor. With her high cheek bones and flawless complexion, Gabrielle Union is the mirror image of a modern-day goddess. When enhancing natural beauty, a few sweeps of bronzer and a bit of lipstick go a long way. Think: less is definitely more.

  1. Using a damp synthetic sponge apply sheer foundation all over the face.
  2. Dab concealer where needed and blend well.
  3. Cover dark under eyes with a light weight cover-up, only one shade lighter than your natural skin tone; blending well with fingertips.
  4. Apply eyeshadow base from lashes to brow.
  5. Brush metallic bronze powder eye shadow over the lid.
  6. Line upper eye lids with liquid liner and glue on fake eye lashes.
  7. With the side of the blush brush, sweep shimmering bronzer with golden specks over the cheekbones; drawing the color out towards the hairline.
  8. Define mouth with nude liner.
  9. Apply moisturizing lip sheen with a pink hue over the pout.

Hayden Panettiere plays a teenage cheerleader in the new hit series Heroes. However, off the screen the blonde belle embodies sophistication beyond her years. The secret to her effortless allure is the combination of a dewy complexion with Audrey Hepburn inspired eyebrows.

  1. Apply balanced foundation where needed using fingertips.
  2. Buff translucent pressed powder over the face using a big brush to set the foundation.
  3. Apply creamy quick-dry eye tint in lilac or sheer pink all over the lid, from lashes to the brow.
  4. Glue fake lashes to upper lashes.
  5. Fill in the brows with a pencil, creating a structured, angular look.
  6. Apply luminescent complexion enhancer to bridge of the nose, cheekbones and temples.
  7. Line the lips with pinkish nude liner.
  8. Fill in the pout with candy-colored lipstick. Blot and reapply.

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