"The best is the enemy of the good," said Voltaire. Taking the words of his fellow Frenchman to heart, French chemist and pharmacist Gabriel Couzian strives to be the best in the skin care industry with his unique line of skin care products. Launched in the town of Mâcon, France in 1991, Gabriel Couzian Skin Care (www.gabrielcouzian-usa.com) offers an innovative perpetual emulsion-suspension system that integrates five natural oils, wheat proteins and purified water to hydrate, nourish, and cleanse skin. With a specialized background in chemistry and pharmacy, and a strong passion for skin and healthcare, Monsieur Couzian created his unique line to provide intense relief, moisture, and protection for severely dry, chapped skin. Through his knowledge and studies of science, pharmacy, toxicology, and allergy, Couzian is able to make the best choices in raw materials to produce products that leave troubled skin feeling luxuriously soft, smooth and healed.

Couzian's interest in pharmacy and skin care began as a youth, when he learned how to make a face cream from beeswax during a summer holiday. His passion for the field continued to grow as he dreamed of becoming a leader and inventor in the healthcare industry. Couzian views skin care and pharmaceuticals with the spirit of an artist. Believing that we are all "born with sensuality," Couzian seeks to create products that capitalize on the luxurious sensation of having pampered and silky smooth skin, while also providing intense relief for the dangers behind serious skin problems derived from atopic dermatitis, eczema, diabetes and harsh environmental conditions. Couzian is dedicated to creating top-of-the-line products that will improve the health and quality of life for consumers through a combination of technological advances in compounding raw materials, research and cosmetic science. Couzian's long career in pharmaceuticals and chemistry has taken him to the Congo in Africa, where he worked as a Professor of Pharmacy at the Medical Institute of Kinshasa, to a small town in France, where he owned a pharmacy with a medical analysis laboratory, and to Versailles, where he studied at the High Institute of Cosmetology and Perfums. Couzian has served as The Representative of the Pharmaceutical Union of the region of Macon, and then as the President of the Department of "Soane et Loire." He holds a degree in Industrial Pharmacy from the High Institute of Industrial Pharmacy in France. As both a scientist and health care professional, Couzian has a unique perspective on the global skin care industry and has created a completely new concept of skin care cosmetology.

Product Guide
Gabriel Couzian body products have been formulated to treat all skin types, even the most sensitive or compromised skin that suffers from dehydration, age or environmental damage, eczema, psoriasis, and other conditions. The Gabriel Couzian Therapeutic Bodycaring System includes a uniquely blended Washing Oil combined with the Highly Nourishing Body Cream or the Body Moisturizer that immediately soothes skin and provides a long-lasting moisture barrier to prevent dehydration. Facial products cleanse, moisturize, nourish and restore the skin, encouraging a healthier, more youthful appearance. Simplicity and purity of ingredients provide a more natural alternative to harsh chemicals, hydrocortisone creams, AHAs and other anti-aging ingredients found in most skin care.

Gabriel Couzian Washing Oil
An exclusive method developed by pharmacist Gabriel Couzian provides a perfect blend of rich, skin-nourishing cleansing oils, with pure, clear spring water. It blends completely in water to form a light-textured, greaseless cleanser that won't separate, feels clean and light on the skin, and provides a gentle but thorough body wash that replaces skin-drying soaps and cleansing products. The rich oils penetrate the skin to effortlessly lift away dirt and impurities, leaving behind a healthy moisture-base with no oily feeling or residue. Oil cleansing was first practiced in Imperial Rome, when herbs and essential oils - not soap - were used to maintain beautiful, clear skin. The logic and appeal of oil cleansing is as valid today as it was in the days of the great Coliseum. Soaps scour the skin bare of nourishment, provoking increased itching, flaking and irritation in susceptible complexions. Gabriel Couzian Washing Oil's sophisticated "oleotherapy," combines oils, botanicals, and highly purified spring water that leaves skin soothed and refreshed. On the surface, skin texture is softer and more pliant; the signs of inflammation and irritation are decreased, and discomfort is instantly alleviated. Under the surface, a protective moisture barrier helps the skin fight dryness and damage all day, and under virtually any external condition, from dry, indoor heat to allergen exposure.

Gabriel Couzian Highly Nourishing Body Cream
Made to heal even severely compromised skin, this rich cream goes to work as soon as it is applied, easing itchy, dry skin, eliminating flaky patches, and healing cracked, painful areas. When used as part of the healing oil-based Gabriel Couzian system, most skin issues look and feel better almost immediately. The tiny bumps associated with Rosacea are smoothed away, discomfort and itchiness caused by dryness, eczema or allergies are soothed, and even highly-inflamed, chapped and peeling skin shows improvement from the first use. Using the same oil therapies developed by ancient Romans, Gabriel Couzian Highly Nourish Body Cream is made for very dry, highly sensitive skin. A rich combination of olive oil, sweet almond oil, bees wax, shea butter, bisabolol (chamomile), aloe vera and glycerin offers a pure, safe alternative to chemicals and hydrocortisone products that may cause skin thinning and actually exacerbate the discomfort of challenged or severely dry skin. Gabriel Couzian Highly Nourishing Body Cream provides hours of soothing comfort, prevents itching, peeling and redness, and provides a nutritional matrix that encourages the skin to rebuild itself with renewed resilience and strength.

Gabriel Couzian Face Wash Cream
Rich olive oil combined with washing sugar, Vitamin E (for antioxidant protection and advanced skin repair), and highly pure water create a gentle cleanser that removes dirt and impurities without drying or irritating even the most sensitive skin. Effective for skin suffering from the effects of dryness, age or environmental damage, the formula is lightly exfoliating to encourage healthy skin growth and revive tired or dull complexions. Part of a sophisticated skin care system based on simple, natural ingredients and inspired by ancient Roman formulas developed over thousands of years, Gabriel Couzian Face Wash Cream for Sensitive Skin goes beyond cleansing to sooth, repair and help create stronger, healthier skin.

Gabriel Couzian Firming Anti-Dryness Face Cream
Designed to moisturize, restore youthful texture, and tone the skin, Firming Anti-Dryness Face Cream offers oleotherapy (healing oils) and phytotherapy (healing botanicals) in a high performance face cream for skin of all types, ages, and degrees of dryness. Used as a night cream, the richly emollient formula erases signs of fatigue, and provides the nutrients that help skin restore and rebuild itself as the body sleeps. A light massages optimizes its benefits and helps increase circulation to firm cheeks and give the complexion a taut, youthful elasticity. Healing elements Centella Asiatica, a rare botanical recognize for its exceptional ability to repair damaged skin and alleviate scarring, and bisabolol - the soothing agent found in chamomile - are combined with Gabriel Couzian's sophisticated oil therapy, a combination of soothing and healing oils including olive oil, shea butter and sesame oil. Aloe vera, pure spring water and radical-fighting Vitamin E enhance the formula for optimum skin protection and rejuvenation. Based on age-old formulas developed by imperial Roman physicians, Gabriel Couzian's products are formulated to work together to treat, repair and maintain even the most severely compromised skin. Firming Anti-Dryness Face Cream provides superior tightening and toning benefits, without the harsh chemicals or ingredients that can irritate already dry, peeling or inflamed skin.

Couzian Body Moisturizer, Light Texture
A light but emollient formula works as part of the Gabriel Couzian skin care system to provide instant relief to skin problems caused by dryness, eczema, or allergies. From head to toe, a soothing blend of rich vegetal oils combines with healing botanicals to provide immediate and long term therapy for cracked or peeling skin, itching, and flaking. Pure spring water, sesame oil, olive oil and shea butter provide the basis for a light but effective skin treatment that soothes the worst skin discomfort and provides a long-lasting moisture barrier to prevent dehydration. Aloe vera, glycerine and bisabolol- the healing agent derived from chamomile flowers - form a healing complex that encourages strong, healthy skin with improved resistance to allergens and damaging environmental conditions. Used after a bath or shower, Gabriel Couzian Body Moisturizer provides healthy, natural moisture for men and women, plus the light texture allows for quick absorption, so there's no need to wait before dressing.

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