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The beach season is drawing to a close. Die hard fashionistas are already dreaming about luxurious fox trimmed coats, billowing cashmere capes, and high heeled crock boots. Though we cannot bottle up summer and save it for a rainy day, we can show you how to emulate warm, radiant looks inspired by the golden glow of the sun. Since celebrities smolder with ethereal luminosity all year around Fashionlines is featuring three stellar red carpet looks. Study the faces of these Hollywood darlings, read our detailed instructions on how to emulate their makeup and you too can sneak a slice of California past Old Man Winter.

Christina Aguilera monroe reincarnate

Pop Princess turned fashion it-girl Christina Aguilera has been exploring demure and ladylike territories for quite some time now. That said there is nothing prudish and stuffy about her appearance. The blonde belle’s trademark crimson lips, black lined baby blues and flawless complexion are just right for Upper East Side girls with wild sides.

To get Christina's retro look...

Smooth primer over the face.

Cover blemishes, acne scars, and dark under eyes with concealer. Use the fingertips to "melt" the product into the skin.

Apply a rich matte foundation like Dior Sculpt all over the face using a sable brush. Pay special attention to the hairline and corners of the nose.

Set the foundation with pressed powder. For greater coverage use a synthetic sponge instead of a kabuki.

Apply a creamy pink eye tint all over the lid, from lashes to the brow.

Brush a pearly iridescent eye shadow in the inner corners of the eyes. This will help “open up” and brighten the gaze.

Line the eyes with a point liner brush. This tiny, precision brush makes it easy to draw a clean, even line. Don’t close their eyes when applying liner, which leads to bumpy uneven results. Instead, keep both eyes open and follow the contour of the lashline with a steady hand. For the thick Marilyn Monroe look, fill in the liner slowly. After establishing a clean base line, start the brush at the middle of your lashes and slowly build up the outer line, extending the liner slightly out and just beyond the eye.

Line the inner bottom lid with a white eye pencil.

Glue lashes to upper and lower lashes.

Fill in the brows with a pencil to give them a structured look.

Dust the cheekbones and temples with a shimmering rosy blush like Nars Orgasm.

Frame the lips with red liner. Take special care to follow the mouth’s natural shape.

Fill in the pout with crimson lipstick. Blot using tissue paper and reapply.

Penelope Cruz flamenco flame

Penelope Cruz manages to exude irresistible sexappeal with minimal makeup. Being a Spanish signora the silver screen goddess always banks on her most valuable asset – los ojos. Cruz's mesmerizing eyes, framed with smoky shades and dark liners are utterly magnetic.
To get Penelope’s sizzling look...

Apply a sheer layer of foundation with light reflecting particles all over the face.

Dab concealer with yellow undertones under the eyes.

Cover dark spots, imperfections and discoloration with a light weight cover-up. Use a brush for surgical precision.

Blot the T-zone with rice papers.

Using an eye shader brush put on a cream eyeshadow base from the lashes to brow. This will help the pigment stay glued to the lid.

Using a black kohl pencil line upper and lower eye lids. Then, smudge these lines using a q-tip or finger tips.

Brush dark chocolate brown shadow over the lid in a crescent shape and blend well. Blend the dark color following the natural curve of the eye, slightly past the length of the eyebrow. With light sweeps of the brush move the outer edges up and towards the brow.

Go over the smudged liner with a flat brush dipped in black shadow; darkening and thickening lower and upper outer corners.

Finish the eyes with deep black mascara on top and bottom lashes.

Sweep medium bronzer over the cheekbones; drawing the color out towards the hairline.

Define the mouth with nude liner.

Apply iridescent pink lip color on the lips.

Scarlett Johansson all american splendor

Woody Allen isn’t the only one mesmerized by Scarlett Johansson’s captivating beauty. Her allure is undeniably sensual and positively unaffected. If you are an ingénue femme fatale, Scarlett’s sophisticated maquillage is the way to go.

To get Scarlett's old school Hollywood glamour look...

Cover problem areas with concealer.

Apply balanced foundation where needed using a clean synthetic sponge.

Buff translucent pressed powder over the complexion with an outsized kabuki to set the foundation.

Apply creamy quick-dry (to avoid creasing) eye tint in mauve or lilac all over the lid, from lashes to the brow.

Glue mink lashes to upper lashes.

Fill in the brows with a pencil.

Dust the bridge of the nose, cheekbones and temples with shimmering peach colored blush.

Line the lips with a deep red liner.

Fill in the pout with a vermillion or scarlet lipstick. Blot and reapply until reaching the depth of color desired.

This fall reinvent your looks with bold strokes inspired by the stars. Try something new and brave. Like the infinitely wise Oscar Wilde once said, “Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.

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