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Why do people only worry about their bodies a few months before bikini season? Being fit, looking and feeling good is a goal worth pursuing all-year-round. Now is not the time to give up striving for a better physique just because the beaches are emptying out and vacationers are going home. Before you get cozy in roomy cashmere sweaters and indulge in home-baked delights remember that there is always next summer and the summer after next. Consistency and dedication really count. If you truly want to have that Sports Illustrated body there has never been a better time to get cracking. But please note that the key to sustainable results is not a dull existence defined by abstinence. To the contrary, making many small changes today can make a huge difference tomorrow. Just read onÖ

Sugar Addiction

Most women are afflicted with a bad case of sugar addiction. Many have resigned to the notion that their impulses to eat a whole box of chocolates or an entire ice cream cake are simply uncontrollable. Fortunately, there are healthy ways of curbing syrupy desires. For instance fruits, cinnamon oatmeal and muesli are great alternatives to brownies and Butterfingers. When the yearning for something sweet becomes overwhelming these options can help blunt nagging urges. Furthermore, if only an ice-cream cone or a chocolate croissant will hit the spot, donít hesitate to take a (small) bite. The key notion is portion control. There is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself with little treats. Just make sure not to go overboard.
Six Small Servings a Day

Since childhood the idea of eating breakfast, lunch and supper everyday has been engraved in our minds. Our mothers taught us eating 3 hearty meals and an apple day keeps the doctor at bay. Yet, recent research shows that consuming six small servings of foods rich in vitamins and nutrients speeds up the metabolism. Short of eating excessively only a couple times a day, perhaps the worst mistake one can make is to skip meals. During prolonged bouts of hunger the human body goes into starvation mode. Convinced tough times are ahead, the metabolism practically shuts down and takes extreme measure to preserve fat reserves. To avoid inadvertently slowing down weight loss: eat protein bars, slices of whole wheat bread, turkey and chicken breast pieces throughout the day to keep hunger at bay and balance blood sugar levels.
stop extreme dieting Bid Adieu To Trendy Diets

Not a day goes by that someone doesnít come up with a miracle weight loss formula. Admittedly, some of these strict regimens help people shed significant weight in short periods of time. Records show many women have indeed slimmed down thanks to the Atkins, but what the hopelessly contrived before-and-after infomercials donít show are those that gain back every ounce and more after stopping the extreme dieting. To get fit and regain control of your body stop thinking along black and white lines. The human body needs all food groups, including red meat and carbohydrates. The rule of the thumb is to eat sensibly. Instead of sugary corn flakes, opt for a whole grain cereal (rich in fibers), blueberries, and skim milk in a bowl for breakfast. As opposed to having a giant Philly cheese steak sandwich, try turkey breast and veggies on whole-wheat. Skip the mayo and add rich flavor with herbs, salt, pepper, vinegar, and mustard. Think of it this way: simply substituting a slice of whole what bread (100 Kcal) for a bowl of white rice or pasta (225 Kcal) can help up you lose up to a pound every month. The math is simple: (225-100) x 30= 3,730 Kcal.
Sauced Up

Just as you would avoid heavy sauces, avoid getting sauced up. If you want to socialize at a bar or cocktail party: try to exercise restraint. Donít drink too fast and too furious. Most people donít realize how inebriated they are until the point of no return because they drink insensibly. Always opt for clear liquors or red wine (good for the heart) instead of cognacs and whiskey drinks. Also say no to cocktails as they contain saccharine fruit juices and concentrates. One glass of cranberry juice contains approximately 160 Kcal. Add to that the calories from alcohol and the numbers stack up.
Get Moving

If you have not walked through the door of a gym since high school, do not despair. Running on the treadmill is not the only way to stay active. For long lasting results start slow and find activities you enjoy doing. Try dancing, gymnastics, swimming, golf, or horseback riding. Depending on personal sensibilities, everyone is bound to find an enjoyable past time that entails breaking a sweat. At the very least, walk around in your neighborhood at a high pace for 20 minutes - exploring secret paths and new areas. Then turn around and return to where you started. You will be burning fat for at least half of the time spent up on your feet, as the body turns to reserves for energy at the 20 minute mark.

Stop making up excuses and resolve to make significant changes for a better and healthier you today. The goal is not to become a waif model or a gym buff with 4% body fat. Just be the healthiest, happiest, fittest person you can be.
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