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Many people blame sagging skin, fine lines, dull complexion, thinning hair, and chipping nails on genetics, stress, and Father Time. In a desperate attempt to reverse the clock, fashionistas hasten to cosmetics counters with their credit cards in hand. They are convinced that investing small fortunes in “miracle formulas” can remedy a plethora of beauty maladies. However, few people realize that the refridgerator and pantry are packed with far more potent anti-aging ingredients than any tube or jar. Adding certain foods to your diet can help you harness the rejuvenating forces of Mother Nature. So here it is—Fashionlines’ delicious beauty menu...

cuisine lift

SALMON: Salmon prevents the skin from drying. By enhancing cells’ water retention capability, this delectable pink fish endows the epidermis with elasticity. Naturally, a hydrated complexion looks firmer and free of fine lines, creases, crowsfeet, and wrinkles. Rich in Omega-3, salmon also stimulates collagen, elastin, keratin, and melanin production.

tofu TOFU: Tofu and other soy-based products slow the aging process. Soy contains isoflavones that resemble estrogen hormones in terms of their chemistry. While estrogen triggers skin’s natural oil production, soy enhances suppleness and hydration by mimicking a similar process.
watermelon WATERMELON: By infusing cells with hydration, this yummy fruit effectively fills in fine lines and smoothes out wrinkles. Indulging in a daily serving of watermelon loaded with vitamins is a most refreshing way to look 10 years younger. The carotene and vitamin C in watermelon act as antioxidants to counteract the elastin and collagen disintegration caused by sun damage. Indeed, no free radical can withstand the potent healing powers of a slice of ruby red goodness.
papaya PAPAYA: This tropical fruit fortifies the skin’s ability to withstand trauma. Doubling as a powerful immune system booster, papaya is a deliciously sweet youth serum. If you want to reverse severe sun damage and eradicate dark spots, papaya smoothies outperform retin-a.
milk MILK: There is a reason why the ancients took milk baths. One of the oldest beauty regimens, latte regenerates skin cells and balances skin’s hydration levels. The rich calcium content of this product is crucial to the development of healthy skin cells.
garlic tough as nails

GARLIC: Garlic not only strengthens nails, but also improves their resilience. Garlic ensures that more blood reaches the hands and feet by enlarging blood vessels. Furthermore, the alliin content of the wonder food fights fungus and infections.
eggs EGGS: If your nails are chipping and breaking as a result of protein deficiency, try incorporating eggs into your menu, as they cause nails to grow faster and stronger. The yolk contains vitamins B, C and E, biotin, amino acids and sulfur. Of these components, sulfur proves especially important to keratin production.
oysters OYSTERS: Oysters have long been considered an aphrodisiac, but there are more reasons to consume this delicacy than the promise of improved sexual prowess. Like other shell fish, oysters contain nutrients crucial to healthy and even nail formation. Additionally, zinc-loaded oysters are the surest way to eliminate nail discolorations.
crabs healthy locks

CRAB: Crab is a luscious remedy for thinning, lackluster, and weak hair. To infuse elasticity back into limp tresses, go for favorites like California rolls and crab cakes. Crab meat is a great source of copper, necessary for healthy melanin production. Trust Fashionlines: if you put more of this lip-smacking shellfish on your menu, your mane and eyebrows will be thicker and shinier than ever.
walnuts WALNUTS: Walnuts prevent hair from breaking off, drying out, and turning white. Experts agree that these tasty treats imbue the scalp with oxygen and nutrients. What’s more; by preventing cholesterol from blocking arteries they guarantee a healthy blood flow to the head.
spinach sparkling eyes

SPINACH: Visine isn’t the only way to get the red out. Healthy, brilliant and shimmering eyes can be attained the Popeye way. Spinach not only keeps your baby blues sparkling, but also wards off infections. A perfect natural UV block, the sun’s harmful rays don’t stand a chance against the power of green iron.
grapes GRAPE SEED EXTRACT: Do you stare at the computer or read for hours on end? If so, you may be in great need of ocular rejuvenation. Believe us when we say grape seed extract is just the thing you need. This powerful agent protects the retina against tears and prevents cataracts.
If you are the sort of person who gets excited for each visit to the beauty store, perhaps it is time to rethink the possibilities in your grocery store. Just steer clear of the canned and processed food aisles, for the key to beauty, youth and health lies with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish. Keep preparations simple, light and full of the ingredients’ natural taste. Soon you will realize fish eggs are just as good for your complexion as caviar cream.
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