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Sweetface by Jennifer Lopez

When one of the biggest stars in the world, whose every move is chronicled, decides to stage a formal runway show to launch her very own line, on the last day of the collections no less, you know it's going to be over-hyped, and a huge media event. And so it was. And though it was rather predictable, it really wasn't bad- it certainly wasn't an embarrassment. Not surprisingly, since JLo (a known perfectionist and control freak) has her name on it, she was extremely involved from beginning to end and it was hardly a stretch to imagine the gorgeous star (who is also a well known clothes horse) actually wearing many- if not most- of the sexy, streetwise, ghetto fabulous 'basics' shown on the runway (like the denim pieces, athletic inspired hoodies,  cashmere sweaters, tailored jackets,  coats, chunky knits, and of course- furs (made for the collection by the Saga Fur Company) which ranged from tiny abbreviated boleros and shrugs, to capelets, chubbies, and full length coats. The models were even styled to resemble JLO through accessories like her trademark oversized gold hoop earrings, armloads of gold bracelets, diamonds, oversized fur caps, hats, and bags, jeans tucked into high heeled boots, and of course, PLENTY of attitude.

The outfits that were most successful in my opinion, were unsurprisingly, the most 'designed' , interestingly mixed, and showed the least skin (no midriffs or navels). This included a black/white striped turtleneck worn with camel plaid knickers and a gray fox bolero; a pale fox chubby worn with jeans tucked into boots and a camel suede fringed bag slung across the body; a white fitted turtleneck worn under a flowing brown strapless empire waist dress and tall leather boots; a fitted winter white wool short double breasted coat; a camel and brown herringbone mohair fitted jacket with flap pockets and fabric flower corsage worn with taupe wool pants; and an ivory mink capelet worn with a wide cuffed taupe wool jumpsuit.



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