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Are you helplessly addicted to expensive footwear? Do you worship at the altar of high heeled strappy stilettos? Then Camilla Skovgaard is the name you should watch out for. This self-proclaimed cobbler’s dreamy creations in Italian kid leathers and materials represent the crème de la crème of next generation shoe design. Camilla’s seductive creations, defined by immaculate craftsmanship and unrelenting attention to detail, have what it takes to find a place in your heart, as well as your bursting shoe closet.

Camilla Skovgaard
50 Woodside Road UK-London N22 5HT
Fax +44 (0) 20 8889




Funflopps are irresistibly cute and deliciously fruity flip-flops designed to make a splash on the beach. These yummy slip-in sandals decorated with fruits, dragonflies, and bees are bound to add a unique touch to various personal styles. Available in seven scrumptious colors, Funflopps of Santa Barbara will seduce you and all those who catch a glimpse of your feet.

170 Butterfly Lane
Santa Barbara, CA 93108
PHONE 805.969.9246
FAX 805.969.9246


Jaded by Knight’s one-of-a-kind reworked-vintage creations are defined by intricate embroideries, unique leather accents, and a hard-line non-conformist approach to fashion. Noah Knight and Mike Amiri, the innovative creators of the “jaded” brand, declare, “We felt that a lot of the new clothing being produced did not have any edge or risk to it. Growing up in the entertainment culture of Los Angeles, we understood how important it was to be fresh and unique and we infused that into our work.” Indeed the dynamic duo’s formula seems to have worked, for recently A-List celebrities like Steven Tyler, Usher, and Madonna have been spotted wearing Jaded by Knight designs.



Spiritual Lingerie Fine Jewelry will adorn your bodies and souls with beauty…

Actress Josie Maran is wearing "Cool Change" Peruvian opals and pearls on 14k yellow gold. Peruvian opals encourage opportunities for growth to spring up around you, while the pearls help you adjust to the new changes with grace and ease.

"Pussycat Doll" lead singer Carmite is wearing "Universal ALL" 18k white gold with diamond "eyes" all the way around, with Sanskrit symbols at each chakra along with blue sapphires at the throat for communication, emeralds at the heart for openness, yellow sapphires at the solar plexus for instinct, orange sapphires for increased sensuality below the navel, over the sexual organs, and rubies at the tailbone to help root you to the earth.





These designs born out of Amo and Bretti’s
devotion to one another embody timeless
elegance, understated luxury, and undying
romance. Amo&Bretti’s beautiful cashmere
camisoles, ponchos, cardigans, tunics and
skirts hold the promise of a wispy love
affair played out in the soaring
weightlessness of frothy clouds.

128 S. Swall Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 94008



Do you adore Vivienne Westwood?
Do you feel “too fast to live and too you young to die”?
Do you miss t-shirts emblazoned with slogans other than “Mrs. Timberlake”? Then Smashing Grandpa will take you back to the glory days of London punk. Throw on an “Anarchy Girl” or “Fallen Angel” t-shirt and you can almost hear the Sex Pistols playing in the background.

Smashing Grandpa Showrooms:

United States/Canada
Christina Angarola Showroom
T 213.489.0072 FX 213.489.2035

UK/Germany/Northern Europe
De Keyser Fashions LTD
T 0207.734.2039 FX 0207.734.7492



Daniel Bohbot’s collection, Halé-Bob, is a synthesis of sophisticated style, contemporary edge and sizzling sensuality. “Halé-Bob is what is happening now is fashion, but the drama and glamour of the clothing is about feeling like a movie star,” Daniel proclaims. Indeed the designer’s work successfully captures the allure and sexiness of Hollywood. This season if you wish to have a red carpet moment of your own, opt for a Halé-Bob creation

2025 S. Figueroa
LA, CA 90007
T.213.749.5507 F.213.745.0842




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