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Paul Smith’s Fall 2005 collection for women was a procession of young boarding school aristocrats clad in striped t-shirts, floral print mini skirts, argyle jumpers, and checkered pants. These lolitas brimming with the dewy innocence of youth layered, mismatched and mixed cottons, wools, tweeds, gabardines, and chiffons in all colors imaginable.

Mr. Smith’s fun and slapdash style is born purely out of the harmony of stark juxtapositions. The goal is to appear to be wearing a dizzying combination of clothes hastily grabbed out of a heap of garments piled high on the floor. Complement a Prince of Wales tweed jacket with a pair of velvet equestrian pants and top it all off with a multi-hued scarf, paying no attention to color, texture and style unity. The resulting chaos will capture the very essence of the nonchalantly adorable, virginally pure and delightfully haphazard essence of this collection!

Indeed, Paul Smith’s ‘anything goes’ approach to women’s fashion is just right for an Exeter or St. Albans girl cutting class to read Seventeen, but hopefully mature women will stay away from this look.







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