1. Where do you go to school and what are your plans after you graduate?

I go to school at Indiana University. I will graduate in May 2008 and I plan on either getting my masters in teaching or school counseling, or social work. I love working with kids and I know it will be rewarding to be in a position to mentor and positively affect teenagers. I am not sure if I will go straight into grad school though. If I take a year off I will find a job working with teens probably like the internship I have now, where I mentor troubled youth at a shelter. I will also spend my free time traveling and rock climbing and mountain climbing!

2. How would you describe "your look"?

I like to think of "my look" as unique, but doesn't everyone? Oh and attention grabbing. I usually see something that catches my eye and get it. Then I will try to find something that would compliment it well. And of course accessories are fun, however, I'm pretty low key when it comes to them, maybe a bracelet or a necklace once in a while, or a belt, but I avoid jewelry for the most part, I'm too active. I end up breaking it or losing it. I am a huge fan of skirts and dresses I find them the most comfortable. The shirts I wear are really where I express myself. I love bold colors and patterns, unique designs. Like if pockets are in random positions, or the shirt ties only on one side. If I look at something and think oh that's weird, or that's different it's going to be in my closet the next day. Also I tend to stay away from tight fitting tops and stick with the loose flowing types. And I like showing off my collar bones, shoulders, and back, I think that is the sexiest part of a woman. There's a lot of bones and muscles that make different shapes as you move it's like artwork.

3. Why do you prefer rock climbing? What makes it special for you?

Rock climbing is the kind of activity that makes you feel free and on top of the world. I'm a huge fan of the outdoors and since I was probably three I've been traveling around the world with my family and hiking up mountains and I've just grown to be wildly passionate about them. Really, it's like entering a completely different world when you start taking on a mountain, and then when you get to the top and feel like you can see the entire planet. Rock climbing is just another way of doing this. I get scared sometimes and anxious, I really have to focus depending on how high I am or how many pitches I am climbing. It's always a challenge to have to know how to balance and move with the rock. I have to constantly know where my body is positioned and how to move it next, it's like every move counts. And really that is completely true. I've moved a finger too early or turned my head left instead of right and that has caused me to fall. I still have a ways to go, I need to build up my muscle and get more endurance but that's part of what I love so much about it. I'm still working for more, I can still get better. I learn every time I climb something better to do with my body for a certain type of hold or move. It's truly amazing. I've competed in gymnastics, soccer, tennis, softball, track and field, my fair share of sports, but I've never really found one where I feel like I wont ever hit the peak of my ability; until I started rock climbing. I will always have room to improve.

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