Top left: Robin Givhan, Zac Posen, and Loulou de la Falaise. Clockwise from top right: Zac Posen, Robin Givhan, and Loulou de la Falaisereceiving their honorary doctorates from Dr. Elisa Stephens, president of Academy of Art University.

San Francisco, California - The Academy of Art University honored fashion icon Loulou de la Falaise, fashion designer Zac Posen, and Pulitzer Prize winning fashion editor, Robin Givhan of The Washington Post at The Graduation Fashion Show, where more than 20 graduates showed their collections.

The young designers drew inspiration from a variety of sources including landscapes, architecture, tribal societies, comic book heroes and pop art.

Designs by internship winners Jenny Schweitzberg (left) and Lene Secher Andersen (right).

There was no shortage of innovation and creativity. A collection of "knitted aliens", reminded us that fashion first and foremost must be fun. Innovation also came in the form of material. Rabbits were not pulled out of hats — they were pulled into dresses. The French Rabbit Project was collaboration between eco friendly wine producer, French Rabbit and the graduating designers. Leave it to San Francisco students to use the "Tetra-Prisma" packaging to make eco-friendly fashion. One of the most beautiful creations of the show was a one-shouldered evening gown made from the reflective wine packaging. The paper was cut into iridescent palettes with an ombre pattern design going from pink to green to silver. Another cocktail dress was worthy of any sea goddess; the packaging was cut to look like the most beautiful and shapely mermaid had just slipped out of the sea and onto the runway. This is truly an inspirational collaboration, where fantasy, fashion, and eco-friendly equals BEAUTIFUL!

Rabbits were not the only things turned into fashion. Mens' jackets and pants made of Maltese terrier and alpaca strutted the "catwalk" all in reverence to the eco-friendly atmosphere.

Stephan Krasner, BFA Fine Art Sculpture, created the illuminated jewelry to go with a dress by Warot Subsrisunjai, MFA Fashion Design.

A collaboration of fashion and jewelry resulted in a modern homage to Rochas, in particular a grey tulle dress with illuminating jewels under the slip. This dress may find itself in The Metropolitan Museum of Design and Costume collection as an example of how good Rochas could have been.

Design by Yu-Shin "Mue" Kim.

Honored designers Loulou de la Falaise and Zac Posen each selected a graduate to intern with them. It is no surprise that the young designers chosen, echoed the style of their mentors both in their collection and their personal style.

There were many winners among the graduating designers. We will continue to be impressed by the talent turned out by the Academy of Art graduating class of 2007.

In addition, San Francisco has the buzz of a true fashion capital; the venue of the graduation was the "Fashion Tent" — move over Bryant Park!

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