Another fall fashion season is just around the corner. In preparation for cooler temperatures and autumnal moods, Troy Beasley and Stephanie Henley of Beasley & Henley Interior Design have some tips for the fashion-lover who wants to infuse their home décor with runway trends.
1. Sparkle, shimmer and shine. As seen on the runways of style icons Ralph Lauren and Cynthia Rowley, this year’s fall fashions include bold splashes of shimmer and shine with metallic finishes and fabrics. To add this shimmer to your home, try bringing in metallic touches through lacquered walls, silver leaf accents, organza silks and mirrored tables and accessories. Black glass tabletops and chrome furnishings will also provide a contemporary design with sparkle.
2. Black and white, the future is rosy. The contrasting use of black and white is seen throughout the fall fashion collections with designers including Chanel and Giorgio Armani using both in their suit designs. This stark and classic combination is perfect for the current trend of modern and contemporary interiors and can be achieved through room color and accessory combinations. One great way to obtain this look is by combining a black painted ceiling and a white Murano glass chandelier. Mixing light white walls with dark wood floors, or ebony wood chairs with white leather seats and backs, can also help achieve this contrasting look.

3. Shadows on the wall. Darker colors are taking over the forecast for fall fashion with everyone from Marc Jacobs to Betsey Johnson using dark and moody colors. An easy way to introduce deep, moody colors into the home is by using shades of brown, tan, gray, red, blue and green in wall colors and major furniture and display pieces. Using muted gold, chartreuse and pumpkin as color accents through room accessories can also help create a fall-like feel.

4. It is impossible to overdo luxury. New fall fashion is exploding with fabrics that are luxurious to the touch and have an appealing visual texture such as those seen on the Prada & Miu Miu and Marni runways. Velvet, jacquard and mohair fabrics can accomplish this luxury in the home. Also try to incorporate shredded wool, lambs wool and cashmere. Hairy, textured rugs are a nice way to include these lavish fabrics in easily updatable ways.

5. The simple life. Classic designs with a masculine touch are very prevalent this fall, with designers including Kenneth Cole and Narciso Rodriguez sticking to simple and elegant lines. Using simple, straight lines add this classic feel to the space. Try to incorporate tufted headboards, sofas and chairs to achieve this look. Channel-backed sofas also create an elegant and classic feel.

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