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L.A. Gallery Beijing Opens New Space
Special to Fashionlines

L.A. Gallery Beijing was founded by gallery owner Lothar Albrecht of Frankfurt, Germany, and Mr. Wei Wei, Beijing and Mr. Pan Xiulong of Beijing, as a cultural joint venture that merges many and varied strands of art and culture. Lothar Albrecht founded the L.A. GALERIE in Frankfurt in 1990 as a showcase for international contemporary photography. There he has represented such renowned artists as Tracey Moffatt, Ken Lum, Naoya Hatakeyama, Oliver Boberg and John Hilliard. In twelve years of progressive art mediation, the gallery has built a reputation for “discovering” new talents. L.A. Gallery has been represented for many years at major international fairs such as ART BASEL, ART COLOGNE and the ARMORY SHOW NEW YORK.

L.A. Gallery Beijing will complement and enrich the active Beijing gallery and art scene, which in the past has focused mainly on Chinese artists. In doing so, L.A. Gallery Beijing will introduce new trends from the international art scene to a Beijing audience and at the same time, form a platform for young Chinese artists on their way to a broader international art world.  L. A. Gallery Beijing 2005 first exhibition will take place in  their new space on  April 9th, 2005.The new space is located in Cao Chang Di -- a newly opened art area in the north of 798 factory. It houses twice the exhibition space than before.  The gallery vows  to keep introducing contemporary international art trends into the Chinese art world, while at the same time promoting Chinese modern art to the international art community.


"Insight into Women"

Opening Party: 3pm, 9th April 2005

Artists: Li Ji, Qi Zhilong, Song Yonghong, Liu Fei, He Shen

Exhibition: 9th April --- 10th May

Address: No. 319, East End Art, Cao Chang Di, Cui Ge Zhuang Village, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015, P.R.China

Tel:86-10- 64720759, 86-13911463046 or 86-13901045042

Fax:86-10- 64729812


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