stars are indeed blind
Anne HathawayAs heat waves across America are scorching the public, stars are making breezy appearances on the red carpet. Indeed, summer is time for celebrities to bask in the glow of their fame. With new and highly anticipated blockbusters hitting theatres almost daily Hollywood’s A-Listers are jetting around the world to promote their latest projects.

The Devil Wears Prada was one of the most anticipated events of the year. But not all DWP goers are self-proclaimed fashionistas. In fact, the movie is positioned perfectly for cross-over appeal. For the couture crowd, there is the portrait of an international fashion magazine - and all the trappings, like beautiful girls, wafer-thin supermodels, sumptuous galas, and dazzling clothes. Of course, these elements are certainly to be expected from a movie with Prada in the title. However, one of the reasons that this movie's release in summer 2006 may be particularly fortuitous has less to do with style than something more universally familiar - a dreadful, implacable boss. (Did I hear someone say Nuclear Wintour?) Indeed, the success of NBC's "The Office" has demonstrated the widespread appeal of comedies exploring the exasperations of the workplace, and of idiosyncratic bosses. The marketing strategy for this movie seems to reinforce this point, as the trailers contain few references to Chanel and Prada and the like, and more than a few catty and condescending lines by Meryl Streep (the boss) to Anne Hathaway (the hapless, beleaguered new assistant). Or at least this is what you should tell your boyfriend to convince him to accompany you.

kate bosworthThen there is the Return of Superman featuring real-life fashion-it-girl Kate Bosworth as the beloved Lois Lane. Although Superman is the oldest superhero (created in 1932) and the archetype for hundreds of superheroes over the last 70+ years - the latest iteration of the Superman saga, exhibits several elements of newness that seem to date the film to our particular milieu. One distinct and new feature of "Superman Returns" is a kind of brooding darkness lacking from earlier depictions of the Man of Steel. For instance, one central theme of the new movie is the fact that Superman left (hence Superman Returns). For 5 years, Superman departed Earth and his love interest, Lois Lane, leaving many feeling abandoned and/or rejected. (And who could blame them?) This feeling of rejection has left many feeling cynical. This cynicism introduces an element of ironic detachment that does not appear in prior incarnations of Superman, when he is portrayed as singularly righteous, selfless and without mystery. In other words, the new and more candid reinvention of the best looking man in tights rings true to traditional male behavior. You know commitment-anxiety, emotional detachment, mind games and the whole shebang. Even the very colors of Superman's costume have changed - the ripe red cape of Christopher Reeve's 70s/80s Superman has been replaced with a dark, vinaceous tone. But much more exciting then this wardrobe update is Louis’ retro ensembles. My guess is that this fall the pretty little reporter will single handedly resurrect retro chic.

Keira KnightleySpeaking of Silver Screen belles how could I neglect to mention Keira Knightley? Winning our hearts in her brilliant debut as a fit and quick witted soccer player in Bend it Like Beckham Britain’s most significant (not to mention beautiful) export overseas in the last decade seems to come upon some troubled times. Despite her insistence that she does not suffer from an eating disorder Keira looks emaciated. With a bronze colored sinuous dress draped over her fragile frame in a recent Pirates of the Caribbean premier the superstar in the making looked gaunt and bony. In response to accusations Keira commented “I've got a lot of experience with anorexia. My grandmother and great-grandmother suffered from it, and I had a lot of friends at school who developed it. I know it's not something to be taken lightly and I don't." Let’s hope she is telling the truth.
tori spellingIt seems this season Keira is not the only damsel in distress. Legendary director Aron Spelling’s recently wed daughter Tori is embroiled in a nasty battle with her mother, Candy, over her recently deceased father’s estate. Learning of her beloved daddy’s passing from an email a friend sent, Tori spoke to the tabloids about the rifts in her “Dynastic” family.
Bryce Dallas HowardPowerful Hollywood families are indeed a tradition. The Douglasses and Fondas aside, new last names are emerging as Tinsel Town powerhouses. Director extraordinaire Ron’s daughter Bryce Dallas Howard has been lighting up the big screen. Seen recently in the Village, the golden girl returns in the new Shyamalan feature Lady in the Water, a story about a water nymph. Though film critics have given the film two thumbs down Bryce is bound to have plenty of chances to turn the tide around. How could she not with her alabaster skin and crimson locks?
sienna millerI don’t care what people say about Sienna Miller and her troubled on again off again relationship with he-who-cannot-keep-it-in his-pants. She is brilliant. An ephemeral beauty with a distinct sense of personal style. Sienna is like a breath of fresh air in a world suffused with one-size fits all blondes. Especially now that Ashley Simpson had a nose job (she had a distinct face before) I can no longer tell her apart from the other pop sensation (Paris H.) crooning over radio waves. There once was a time when women treasured their distinct features. Barbara Streisand posed showing her profile and Lauren Hutton flashed her gap toothed smile. Nowadays conveyor belt mediocrity seems to be the norm. I never thought I would agree with Paris Hilton, but like her silly little song proclaims, “Stars are blind” indeed.
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