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This family business goes back to 1905 , when the company utilized rubberized cloth to make waterproof jackets for the troops of the Tsar. The family opened its first store in Paris in the twenties, calling it RAMO. After WWII, the family renamed their store RAMOSPORT, and it remains so today. We love the trenches designed by Fashionlines' favorite E2, utilizing E2's trademark bronze grommets on the collars, edges and cuffs.

50, Avenue Victor Hugo
Paris 75116

188, Boulevard Saint-Germain
Paris 75007


Onward is a mini department store boutique in the heart of Saint-Germain selling designer clothes (Anne-Valerie Hash to among others), bags, shoes, and amusing jewelry from couture stars like Martin Margiela to rising artists such as Irina Volkonskii.

147, Boulevard Saint-Germain
Paris 75006



Shimji, in the Marais district, is very simply one of the most exciting boutiques we've seen in Paris in a long time. The concept is global, the feel is ethno-urban-global-bio. Combining men's and women's clothes and accessories, the accent is on fluid, languid fabrics and rich colors. Designers from all over the world are represented here and the ambience, while consummately chic, is warm and inviting.

7, Rue du Perche
Paris 75003



Kokon To Zai

The feel is Electro, Electro Clash, Electro Punk, Dirty House and Techno. Featured designer Marjan Pejoski designed Björk's Swan dress, but in Kokon To Zai, a truly adorable boutique, one may find Westwood mingled in with Mi Hijo and Raf Simons. The store also sells the clothes and accessories from the best and the brightest students attending Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design.

Kokon To Zai
48, Rue Tiquetonne
Paris 75002


Junko Shimada
One of our favorite designers, Junko Shimada, has a fabulous boutique in the eighth arrondissement where her beautifully sculpted and whimsical clothes and fabulous accessories may be found.

Junko Shimada
13, Rue Florentin
Paris 75008

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