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I vividly recall the first time I viewed the movie Pretty Woman. A little girl of ten or eleven, I could hardly fight back my tears as I watched Julia Roberts get turned away from an upscale store on Rodeo Drive for being inappropriately dressed. Just then and there the prime (unwritten but always abided by) rule of high end shopping was etched in my brain. You have to look the part to play the part.
When it comes to luxury stores, the respect that a prospective customer commands is determined by obvious signs of buying power. Walking down Rodeo one can not help but notice the profoundly pronounced hallmarks of wealth saturating the air. The intensity of this feeling reaches its zenith once one enters the marble tiled, grandiose designer clothing stores. Hence in order to ensure a pleasurable shopping experience Los Angeles style, slip into a sharp outfit, put on your Manolos and Chopard accessories. Trust Fashionlines that you will be showered with assistance, which is an absolutely necessity if you are trying to find the perfect little Chanel mules in size 6 ½ or preorder a limited edition LV purse. After all Rodeo is yet another movie set in Tinsel Town and you are the star, so demand the very best and nothing less.

The Yves Saint Laurent store on Rodeo is a Fashionlines favorite. Even though the Los Angeles weather is a major deterrent to investing in expensive furs and skins-let's face it why layer if you can get away with a string bikini?- the first floor of the store has a very polar ambiance this season. Long leather trenches, voluminous fur full length coats, and heavy duty crocodile bags are just right for a trip to Europe or the East Coast. The air surrounding the YSL boutique is surprisingly unaffected by the trouble surrounding the company, for everyone, the customers and sales people alike, have no doubt that the maestro's name will live on regardless of how many Toms may come and go. The dresses on the second floor are vibrant, vivid and vivacious and the cuts are undeniably flattering to the feminine silhouette. There is colorful variety and much to choose from. Nevertheless if you are interested in the green velvet jacket Demi Moore catapulted to the cover of every magazine, you are too late. There is not a single one left in the entire nation.
If Chanel clothes' eternal, inexhaustible elegance is not reason enough to visit Lagerfeld's utopia on Rodeo, go for the jewelry. Chanel's authentic jewelry pieces distinctive with spellbinding stones, exquisite settings, and innovative designs adorn agleam glass cases creating a sparkler Eden. However please remember that looking Chanel lovely does not have to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Splendid costume accessories, to-die-for shoes and charming quilted bags are perfect for a delicious cocktail of sophistication, grace and elegance. Finally no wardrobe is complete without the timeless Chanel tweed two piece suit. This season's irresistible new styles preserve Coco's legacy of style and splendor whilst being incredibly avant-garde. The skirts are slightly shorter and cuts glide around the curves, but ultimately the collection is pure polish and hauteur.

Valentino is a connoisseur of classic beauty and refinement. He has an amorous relationship with all that is recherché and luxurious. His woman is a goddess who deserves to be worshipped with compassion, soul and intensity. Hence his creations are a tribute, an offering if you will, to the seductress of his imagination. Further Valentino's clothes are satiated with a retro elegance that transcends eras. His intricately beaded, exquisitely tailored clothes cut to perfection exude a timeless glamour. Thus women of all ages can enjoy Valentinian perfection. An older lady of grace and delicacy, who was trying on an indulgently lavish fur jacket at the Valentino store on Rodeo expressed her appreciation for the Italian virtuoso by saying, "His clothes celebrate women." Hence if you would like to have little celebration of your own, revel with an intricately hand beaded purse or velvet jumpsuit, distinct with satin ribbon trims. Fashionlines guarantees that you will be exalted.

For young, contemporary and posh consumers Dolce & Gabbana has an inimitable allure. Especially the teenage daughters of seasoned fashionistas, easily distinguishable by their LV lacquer bags, Chanel platforms, Seven jeans and braces flock to this store. Dolce's voluminous mini boleros, skin tight ripped jeans, electric colored patent stilettos and form fitting corseted dresses are all designed to turn heads. The trademark designs of this Italian fashion powerhouse are a highly effective tools in the "getting noticed" game. Hence ladies who want to stand out at the Sky Bar or make a memorable entrance at Matsuhisa prefer Dolce & Gabbana's smoldering Mediterranean look.

Galliano, the mastermind behind Dior's success, has unparalleled vision. The notorious British bad boy of yore knows exactly what it takes to have a razor sharp cutting edge. Galliano takes the lead and by the time people catch up to him, he has already moved on to new horizons of risqué eccentricity. Gallino's clothes are strikingly reminiscent of theatrical costumes and as a consequence the Dior femme is a natural star in the city of make believe. The Dior store in Rodeo is frequented with celebrities like the Hilton sisters (who recently showed up at a Dior party clad head to toe in the company's latest designs) and the Osbourne women. Speaking of which; if you would like to get your hands on the mink Celine hoodie J.Lo wore in her new video, the wait list is still open. For the small price of eight grand you can take your place next to Sharon Osbourne in the long list of contenders for this coveted piece.

Shopping on Rodeo Drive is an experience better lived than described. The slightly ostentatious, definitely spectacular essence of the City of Angels takes a life of its own on this street. Women sporting the latest clothes by world renowned brand names, young girls wearing diamond studded Cartier watches, babies chewing on their designer booties while reclining in their Burberry carriages (let's not forget the successful men who pay for it all) make this venue unique in it's element.

Indeed Rodeo Drive is a movie set like no other. Even the reality of this road is an exaggerated fantasy, so allow yourself to dream and indulge.



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