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Thanks to Aaron Spelling’s wildly popular TV series the word Melrose has taken root in our everyday lexicon. The very mention of the place invariably brings to mind dashing actors, beautiful settings and Hollywood. Nevertheless, in reality Melrose Avenue has been a not-so-glamorous shopping venue, characterized by minimalist store fronts and desolate sidewalks-- that is until now.


Opening its doors with a “Technicolor and fairy dust” themed party (a nod to colorful big screen classics) the new Marc Jacobs boutique breathed fresh life into Melrose Avenue. Drawing in A-list names like Francis Ford Coppola, Winona Ryder (infamous for stealing an MJ sweater from Saks Fifth Avenue) and Raquel Welch, world renowned designer Marc Jacobs’ glamorous extravaganza put the once neglected locale back on the map.


Today, the electrifyingly vibrant windows of the store showcase Marc Jacobs’ beautiful creations against the backdrop of bountiful roses. The inside is an enchanted wonderland, filled with candy colored circle skirts, charming cashmere cardigans, to-die-for shoes and must-have bags. And, for those looking to get the inimitable MJ style at a lower-price, the Marc by Marc Jacobs line is being offered in an adorable location right across the street. In other words, in one trip to Melrose, the self-proclaimed shophacolic can get her entire Marc Jacobs fix and still make time for an afternoon massage.

8409 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles 90069 T. (323) 866-8255


In the absence of boutiques like Chanel and Gucci, the high-end retailer, Fred Segal, has been the heavy-weight in luxury shopping on Melrose. Offering a striking mélange of clothes, beauty products and accessories, the famed store has consistently attracted movie stars, renowned stylists, and every day fashionistas. Though the ivy covered, box-like structure is not much to look at; Fred Segal’s chic offerings make the trip worthwhile. If you are willing to spend premium on cutting edge panache, indeed this is the place to shop.

8100 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles 90046 T. (323) 655-3734

Who says expectant mothers need to compromise style? The era of the couch bound pregnant woman sporting a mumu is over. Now is the time for wheatgrass cocktails, prenatal yoga, meditation, Pilates and chic maternity clothes. The amazing Cadeau Maternity Boutique (French for gift) on Melrose Avenue offers motherly goddesses a wide array of elegant creations to choose from. The Cadeau collection is manufactured in Italy from the finest stretch fabrics that afford the changing female body comfort and flexibility during pregnancy. Furthermore, the low-ride waist bands and button-out systems of Cadeau attire adjust after birth to accommodate women, who need a little more time to be able to fit into their skinny jeans. Finally, don’t forget Cadeau Petit for the little ones. After all, what (other than a mother’s arms) can soothe a baby better than a soft, warm, luxurious blanket?

8111 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046 T. (323) 297-2000


Tired of shopping for yourself or your baby (even though the concept seems somewhat inconceivable)? Then the Santa Maria Novella Pharmacia has exactly what the man in your life needs. The skin potions, balms and shaving creams made by the Santa Maria Novella monks, who have been in the beauty business for the past 700 years, will transform every man’s face into a smooth, sumptuous and madly kissable delight. And for the ladies, there is an endless variety of soaps, fragrances, potpourri sachets, perfumes, bath oils, incenses and cream concoctions to choose from. Finally, don’t hesitate to grab these exclusive products, hand made by the men of the robe, because if you don’t, the next supermodel or mega-star that walks through the door will.  

8411 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90069 T (323) 651-3754


Those who like to peruse through racks of handpicked pieces by savvy designers will find Thesis to be the best kept secret in LA. This mini boutique offers the latest styles in a condensed format. Women who know exactly what they want can have the perfect shopping experience going through the signature items showcased in Thesis. Some crowd favorites like Carla Mancini, Nature vs. Future and Renee Bardot tend to fly out the door, so make sure to ask the incredibly personable sales associates when they will be getting new shipments.

8119 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046 T. (323) 658-8481

Melrose Avenue is sprayed with great boutiques and recently the hype around the shopping experience in this neck of the woods is abuzz with excitement, thanks to the new Marc Jacobs stores. If you don’t mind making your way through long stretches of cement streets or perhaps driving from store to store (assuming you are wearing impossibly high 6 inch stilettos), you will have a fashion blast on Melrose. However, we believe that with a little landscaping and remodeling, Melrose can evolve to rival Rodeo Drive. Hopefully, the Marc Jacobs presence in the area will help attract the kind of capital and clientele to make this possibility a reality. Keep your fingers crossed.




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