Louis Vuitton

PARIS, October 8, 2006 - At Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs sent out an exceedingly beautiful and youthful collection on Sunday afternoon. If the love generation has now grown up, flower power translated into garlands and prints and, quelle surprise, sacks. Playing upon the LV logo and a Saint Laurent 70s sentiment, these pieces spoke volumes about how Jacobs has grown into the job. He’s found a way to elevate the clothing to the point that it ceases to be window dressing for handbags. The spring collection was full of finesse, and the graceful swirls of lacy pale blue tulle and faint green silk in one dress gave way to prints blown with 18th century floral motifs and set atop mounds of pleated mousseline in another. With more than a nod towards Japan as a stylistic reference, the collection still managed to come off as balanced and international - just the right mix to satisfy a global market. A newly thined and toned Marc Jacobs took the catwalk, looking younger and happier than he has in years.

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