PARIS, October 7, 2006 - Jean-Charles de Castelbajac presented a collection this season for the first time in three years. The show, which he called "Rockmantica", was supposed to have been a synthesis of rock and hip hop, but quickly turned into exercise in pop art. How seriously you can take most of the pieces that were shown is questionable, but what you can certainly do is find lots of humor in the accouterments. The program was illustrated with a cameo of an 18th century powdered wig nobleman labeled "Le Marquis de Lapaillette", foreshadowing the numerous sequined pieces about to hit the catwalk. A series of dresses and jackets for men were made of a material that closely resembled wallpaper, but on closer inspection were scenes of various landmark moments in French history. Among the drawings were two women are being led away in a tumbril, undoubtedly to the guillotine, and one cries out to the man staggering behind "Baby, you can drive my car."

Castelbajac's wit was as much on display as his designs by the finale of international flags. There alongside the Stars and Stripes and the Tri Colour was the gay rainbow.

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