Andrew GN

PARIS, October 4, 2006 - It wouldn't do to have a snake phobia if you were shopping Andrew GN for your spring wardrobe. Serpents slithered down the cleavage of dresses, wound around the border of skirts, and even appeared in reptile skin motifs in the print of a thin silk blouse.

But it was embroidery that was the star of this collection, whether in polka dot sequins blown on a dress, the sunburst of silver rays unfolding across the front panel of a top, or in sprinklings of mother of pearl and crystal that punctuated a furry coat. The pièce de résistance was undoubtedly a bolero dripping in all of the above.

Trenches, for which GN has attracted an almost cult following, came with rhinestone collars and jet bead trimming.

For a summertime collection, the base colors of ebony and mud-brown seemed darker, rather than lighter. But then again, all the sparkling appliqué could jump out as if on display.

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