Paris Menswear July 06

PARIS, July 1, 2006 - The Romain Kremer show, which began an hour late in a stifling underground room at Le Tapis Rouge, offered clothing fit for travel to the moon and back. A life preserver top molded of bronze lamé, a shirt drilled full of holes, a jump suit with side panels slashed low enough to reveal bikini underwear - all of that was fine and good, and if there were such a thing as experimental couture for men, this would be it. Who would actually wear some of these clothes is another matter.

Overall, the quilted fabrics looked hot, and the intergalactic theme blasted past the wardrobe of Dr. Smith of "Lost in Space". Heavens to mergatroids.

One of the tops had the magical effect of trompe-l'oeil body painting when a faint celestial design was imprinted on otherwise transparent mesh, which worked with the model's chiseled abs as a foundation. That piece should sell well in places like West Hollywood, Greenwich Village and the Castro.

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