In our first image, this young man seems to want to communicate with interplanetary beings. He is in very good company. In my long experience with the greatest academics in the world, the brighter they were in their youth and more important their work, the more attracted they became to extraterrestrials in their later years. Image two has a shake-up of the cultures. Unfortunately, this model looks like the psycho Doomsday cult leader who, along with a group of his sick followers, infused the Tokyo subway system with nerve gas. The ensemble does not suggest any connection to Judaism, and the Star of David looks out of place.

Toga boy, in image three reminds me of my favorite fashion joke: An ancient Roman father takes his son aside for some advice and says, "Remember, the toga will always be appropriate for business." In our next image, how cute--you can unwrap a young man for your birthday. Many happy returns...

What do we have next? Oh yes, a guessing game. Where do you think they got these shoes? Duh, even the most naive fashionista in the world would get this answer. Now for image six...Road Kill...when I return from Couture Week shows I actually stare at road kill on the highway and try to guess what fur it is. This is not healthy and it is also ugly. Last but not least, image seven. Oh Hedi, why don't you stop fooling around with the boys and start designing some great clothes for us girls?

Is bizarre chic? No, it is not.

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