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Slave to fashion? Tired of taking style cues from Vogue? Why not look to an unlikely cast for inspiration? Turn to tried and true friends from your girlhood: your dolls. Here, Fashionlines has dolled up some two-dimensional pretties with breezy frocks inspired by some of our favorite childhood playthings. Play a little and see which style suits your Spring mood.

We can't send our dolly out without her britches! This Agent Provocateur Crista set is just the right mix of sweet and saucy to give you a good base to start with.


This technocolor palm-printed dress for Target's insanely popular Go International line by upcoming fashion darlings Proenza Schouler is one part Rainbow Brite, one part haute couture. Overcast days got you thinking of a world with out color? Slip this dress on to bring light to any dreary April shower.


Remember retro Barbie with cat eyes and hot-rolled hair? Betsey Johnson brings her back to life with this ideal candidate for a spicy Valentine's Day date. You can't go wrong with the flattering 40s styling, fabric covered buttons and sloped puff sleeves. Paired with peep-toe pumps and healthy blowout, you'll knock 'em dead, tigress.


A fabulous contrast to Spring's wave of neon fabrics, Aussie designer Alice McCall's balloon dress is ready to party—tea party. The petite 70's Kenner doll, Blythe, would definitely choose this dress to compliment her blinky eyes and balance out her big head. The interesting computer graphic-y pattern, flutter sleeves and airy proportions make this dress a hip alternative to cookie-cutter department store offerings.


Fill me up, buttercup. This ultra-modern dress by Brit label Yuchi takes a sexy strapless sheath and, with simple buttoned and pleated straps, morphs it into a piece of architectural beauty that even Jem and The Holograms couldn't resist. Rock it day or night to bring the summer heat early.

  1. Girly Underthings by Agent Provocateur, Crista Brief in pink sheer tulle, about $50, available at www.agentprovocateur.com
  2. Girly Underthings by Agent Provocateur, Crista Bra in pink sheer tulle, about $90, available at www.agentprovocateur.com
  3. Proenza Schouler Go International Palm-Print Silk Wrap Dress in Blue, $39.99, available at Target in February
  4. Alice McCall Milkshake Balloon Silk Dress, about $340, available at www.alicemccall.com
  5. Betsey Johnson Sweet Little Crepe Dress, $330, available at www.betseyjohnson.com
  6. Yuchi Black Mini Dress, available at www.yuchifashion.com in February.

Renè Caovilla Grayish-blue Blodwen Embellished
Sandals with Swarovski Crystals, about $870,
available at www.shoelux.com

One pair of shoes for four dresses?! Yes, it is possible with these delicate neutral colored stunners by Renè Caovilla. Step lively, ladies.

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