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Nestled amidst the snowcapped mountains Vail is a charming, little Austrian inspired resort town. Picturesque with winding cobbled streets lined with exquisite boutiques, fine restaurants, lovely cafes and distinguished art galleries Vail attracts international skiing aficionados, jet setters, and celebrities alike. From astoundingly beautiful scenic trails covered with legendary “champagne powder” to horse drawn sleds carrying lovers huddled under fur blankets, Vail is spellbound with fairy tale magic. For those planning to venture to this bewitched place here is Fashionlines’ enchanted map to discovering little treasures.

When asked why she wears fur, the leading lady of French cinema, Catherine Deneuve, responded, "Because it is voluptuous, sumptuous, very beautiful, very warm and very soft." Undeniably, an opulent fur coat dripping with luxurious extravagance is the ultimate fashion statement. Women are instinctively drawn to fur mostly because this magnificent material so completely captures the raw animal power of the feminine essence. For the past 67 years the internationally renowned Alaska Fur Gallery of Anchorage offers discerning fashionistas an extensive collection of gorgeous furs, elegant shearlings, and stylish leathers. In the gallery one can also find marvelous accessories like slippers, hats, gloves, mukluks and muffs.

Fashionlines Must Have: A natural crown Russian sable stroller.

227 Bridge Street Vail, Colorado 83657 Phone: 907- 479-6260

Who can forget Sex and the City's infamous Carrie Bradshaw exclaim, "God, I love it! It is a cashmere-acle!" Indeed, show me one person who claims not to love the feather soft touch of cashmere against the skin and I will show you a liar. While ubiquitous television commercials claim that cotton is the ‘fabric of our lives’ Fashionlines cannot imagine life sans the irresistible lightness of cashmere. Manrico Cashmere, a high end Italian store located in the Austria Haus in Vail, is a dreamy place filled with delightful cardigans, exquisite jumpers, and lovely camisoles cast in sorbet colors, powdery pastels and bright hues.

Fashionlines Must Have: Asymmetrical zip sweater in aquamarine.

Fashionlines Tip: Contrary to popular belief, lightly-woven cashmere-silk blends can be worn in warm weathers, for they are incredibly wispy and breezy.

242 E. Meadow Drive , Vail, CO 81657 Phone: 970-479-9944

The Roxy Boutique has the most comprehensive collection of trendy brand wear that is all the rage with young adults. Roxy’s Cynthia Steffe blazers, Juicy Couture velour hoodies, Puma fleece pants, True Meaning Tweed Jackets, Lacoste polos, Citizens of Humanity jeans and candy colored Uggs boots are bound to hit the right note with up and coming hipsters.

Fashionlines Must Have: Hollywood celebrity favorites J.J. Winters metallic handbags.

Jewelry is the time old passion of women every where. From the emerald adorned swan necks of harem favorites to golden bangle decorated arms of Andalusian Gypsies, jewelry symbolizes feminine allure. Hence, jewelry shopping is the supreme indulgence.

The Golden Bear, famous for its exquisitely crafted golden bears, is a brilliant stop on a Vail shopping excursion. These Native American fetishes, symbolic of the Valley, are available as earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets in different styles and finishes.

Fashionlines Must Have: Leather strap bear bracelet.

286 Bridge Street , Vail, CO 81657 Phone: 970-476-4082

Another Jewelry Mecca in Vail is the Hughes Precious Metal Design showcasing a dazzling selection of fine jewelry including custom made charms, multi-colored gemstone crosses, and diamond snowflakes.

304 Bridge Street , Vail, CO 81657 Phone: 970-476-4234

The Laughing Monkey is a specialty women's boutique, with a unique collection of clothing, accessories, jewelry, and gifts, most of which cannot be found in malls or department stores. Beautiful tapestries by Maximo Laura line the upper walls of the store, while distinctive metal sculptures from Primitive Twig help create an inimitably authentic decor. Some of Laughing Monkey’s key accessory lines are Hobo purses, Little Earth license plate bags and Leatherock glitzy belts. Further, here one can locate a myriad of jeans, pants and trousers by Billy Blues, Decorated Denim by ABS, and Streets Ahead.  Even Los Angles favorites like intricately embroidered Sue Wong dresses embellished with crystal beads, as well as collections by Single, Plenty, and Johnny Was can be found in this fantastic store. 

Fashionlines Must Have: The baby llama (Alpaca) Planet Earth Sweaters handmade in Peru and Bolivia are indeed a rare fashion find. These impossible to get jumpers, world renowned for being softer than cashmere and warmer than wool, are just perfect for keeping toasty on the slopes.  

223 East Gore Creek Drive , Vail, CO 81657-3605 Phone: 970-476-8809

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