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The Spa, nestled amidst the tranquility of the jade colored Del Monte Forest and the azure beauty of the Pacific Ocean, is the ideal place for an unforgettable weekend getaway. This temple of relaxation and rejuvenation blends the healing properties of plants and herbs with rich minerals to transport its guests into a realm of absolute bliss. Regardless of which service you choose to enjoy -whether it is the still water seaweed body masque or the rosemary microderm body treatment -- you will leave Pebble Beach with renewed vigor and vitality.

According to Spa director, Lara Davidson, "the Spa is classic in keeping with the rest of Pebble Beach." Indeed the aesthetic beauty saturating this sanctuary, shrouded in natural wonders, calms and soothes the senses. Beautifully decorated massage rooms, soothing treatment quarters, luxurious saunas and baths are all designed to make the Spa ambiance peaceful and serene.
However it is the natural ingredients indigenous to the Monterey Peninsula that are the key to The Spa's unique essence. The relaxing and refreshing mélange of treatments offered here are pivoted around the sea and forest themes. For instance the seaweed used in a miraculous blend that organically firms, purifies and tones the skin is harvested at a nearby cove. The enchanting woods surrounding the resort provide the inspiration as well as the necessary elements for therapeutic applications such as the cypress pine exfoliation and wild strawberry scrub.
At the Spa classic treatments are regenerated with inventive twists. Fashionlines recommends the rose petal soak to jumpstart a day of pure indulgence. Afterwards a sea salt body scrub, utilizing mineral rich salts and aroma therapy oils, is best for an invigorating revival. Finally a targeted massage with seaweed revitalizer, focusing primarily on the back muscles, miraculously relieves strain and built up tension.

Impressive selections of truly innovative and rare services are also available for the enjoyment of adventurous Spa visitors. If you seek ultimate relaxation Fashionlines urges you to give the dry flotation beds a try. In preparation for this treatment, dead cells are gently exfoliated with a loofah scrub. Then the guest is massaged head to toe with a magically nutritious Swiss cream formula designed to infuse the skin with moisture. At last the entirety of the body is suspended to float freely in warm weightlessness. Whilst experiencing this calming wrap, reminiscent of a return to the womb, the guest is treated to a to-die-for session of reflexology.
Following an intensely unwinding session of dry flotation Fashionlines recommends the Pebble Beach water experience for a refreshing jolt. The Pebble Beach Signature Showers tiled with cerulean aquatic images behold the healing power of water. Believe us; cascading waterfalls descending upon the body stimulate a sensation evocative of taking a naked swim in the Seven Sisters Pools in Hana, Maui.

At the Spa one can also choose from a myriad of skin, nail and hair care services. The professionally trained staff is prepared to provide personalized service designed to meet every individual's needs. Hence if you wish to get a new stylish hair cut, minimize the appearance of facial fine lines and wrinkles or eliminate puffiness and decreasing dark circles around the eyes, the Spa has something in store for you. After all, every inch of your body deserves attention.

Finally once you are done replenishing your body, spend at least an hour in the glass covered atrium enjoying the magnificent view and the crackling fire. This time alone spent focusing on your inner Zen will allow your mind to soak the benefits of your bodily delight. As Siddhartha Buddha proclaimed, "You, yourself, deserve your love and affection."

* * *

The Spa Pebble Beach is located at 17-Mile Drive Pebble Beach, California, 93953 For reservations call 831-649-7615 or 888-565-7615 at least two weeks in advance.


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