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Take a close look at these drawings.  These are the streets and edifices of a Beijing that is quickly being wiped away to make room for the new.   Pushed to "modernize" by the upcoming  29th Olympics in 2008, these charming old stone houses and shops are fast disappearing.

Yu Jiantao was born in 1968 in Dalian city. Currently he is a professional painter, and a member of Dalian Artists' Association. In 1969 he went to the countryside with his family and stayed there until 1979. Ten years of countryside life like a beautiful fairy tale to keep, especially in those difficult years for China. Yu remembers now even more. Perhaps his dream of creating art began at that time. He  says he devoted all his life to understanding nature, the course of painting "creation like a course of exploring life. A building, a tree, a damaged boat or a corroded rock, they are a life to artist",  that when he touched them, he was deeply moved by them, as if  it was a kind of communion even though without words. He says he believes these things are the ever-lasting inspirations for the art creation of him.

Kuang Han was born in Jiangxi Province in 1961. He graduated from the Nanjing Normal University with a degree in Traditional Chinese Painting in 1989. Kuang Han won the Xu Beihong Scholarship in 1988. After graduation, he moved to Beijing and lives in a Hutong, amongst the ancient architecture of Beijing. In most persons' minds, Hutong is regarded as the essence of Beijing. Within the Hutong lies the core of Beijing, the crux of Beijing's culture. Kuang Han is fascinated by the charm of Hutong. He traveled around most Hutongs in Beijing and has taken hundreds of photographs as his material. He is especially impressed by the buildings that are being demolished within Hutongs. His paintings capture the soul of Beijing through vivid portrayal of its street life.

During the 1995 China Art Exposition, his "Hutong" series paintings were drawn to the attention of art critics and collectors. His paintings "Beijing Memories" were exhibited at the Thirteen New Artists' Works Exhibition organized by the Chinese Artists' Association. His paintings " Changes of City" were exhibited at the Ninth National Art Exhibition held in Beijing. Many of his paintings have been awarded first prize at exhibitions.


Ju Jiantao and Kuang Han at Wan Fung Art Gallery

No.136 NanChi Zi Street

Dong Cheng District, Beijing 100006, China

TEL: (8610) 6523 3320 / 6523 3319   

FAX: (8610) 6525 3466





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