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There is no doubt in my mind that the Ungaro client was a hippie and still may be. The show was fast paced with a lot of razzmatazz soundtrack sounding music, but the feeling was languid. Ladies in harem pants or sarongs, recalled the best middle-eastern or South Sea fantasies, with the embracing of near nudity at times, a theme that Mr. Ungaro has been working on for several seasons now. There were no coats that I can remember. But who needs a coat when one is wearing such a magnificent sarong and a to- the -belly beaded necklace? I know men in Paris who adore the draping of Ungaro, whose clothes they buy for their wives just for the pleasure of seeing the fabric slink around their wivesí frames. Do Ungaro clothes require a good body? Well, yes, as a matter of fact they do, especially now that Ungaro is cutting a line to reveal one breast. And he was hardly alone in this trend. Thatís why men like buying Ungaro for women. And no one knows this better than Ungaro himself.

Photographs courtesy of First View