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Catherine Deneuve was at Gaultier’s show. What does that tell you? It doesn’t mean an entire transfer of allegiance from YSL to Gaultier, but you can be sure that a lot of former YSL clients are now in the front rows at Gaultier. They’re probably whining about the lack of romance (Gaultier is all about wit and sex). But if they want a well cut pant suit in the best Paris tradition, they know they’d better keep quiet and get into elegant deconstruction and the ideas of a man who like a strong, sexy story line, especially the dominant woman theme. As an anecdote, I was having dinner on the terrace of Closerie de Lilas with a friend who offered me his gray pinstriped suit jacket as the evening grew chillier. I was wearing a blue and black deconstructed 1982 YSL silk dress and realized that at the expense of my friend turning cold, the addition of his pinstriped jacket would give me instant Gaultier. But I turned his offer down because no man should end up cold when a woman forgets to bring a shawl.

Photographs courtesy of First View