Every day I have the pleasure to see beautiful clothes and accessories, either by image, at shows or in the showrooms. I am never bored by fashion. In fact, I seem to love it more as time passes. I have also had to realize what I can and cannot wear.

I would love to wear this Lacroix dress, but the fact is that it is too short for me. This Lanvin party dress, on the other hand is not.

I always want to wear long sweeping trousers but the fact is that I move around in my daily life quickly and constantly, and Capri pants seem to usually work.

I would give my eye teeth to wear these killer mohair Louboutin pumps but they would really kill me in the end. The embroidered flats are very pretty and look harmless.

Finally, I am not ready to give into athletic shoes for anything other than my daily walk, but if and when I do, I admire these Zan Chi Reeboks.

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