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On a bright summer afternoon in 2002, the Emanuel Ungaro haute couture collection for the fall was presented at the Carreau du Temple in Paris. By a twist of fate, the handful of internet editors that then covered Paris fashion were seated on a long row together, and I found myself placed directly beside fashionlines' editor-in-chief Christine Suppes. Not only did she look the part of an international fashion expert, dressed as she was in an understated Chanel ensemble, but her knowledge of the movers and shakers of the business left an indelible impression. By the time the last beaded Cambodian-inspired creation passed down the runway, I had in my hand a professional card with printed in pastel colors. Some days later, I got around to clicking on the address, there to find the first class presentation that has come to define fashionlines. The artistry of the layout and the clarity of the photography convinced me then that the quality presented on the site rivaled that of the most venerable print magazines.


'East Meets West'

Though I am a true (born and bred) New Yorker, and feel very attuned to the city, I cherish the ability to quickly touch bases with the West Coast thanks to my association with Christine and Fashionlines. And I adore having the opportunity to contribute to Fashionlines,  bringing a bit of the 'Big Apple', as New York Editor. Working alongside all of you is very enjoyable and something to be proud of.

The highlight of this relationship was my recent trip to San Francisco where I attended the fabulous Academy of Art Institute's graduating student's fashion show and  the memorable dinner Christine and Pat hosted afterwards. I must say, San Francisco seemingly has it all:  food, fashion, art, shopping, ambiance, and climate. I hope to have more reasons to come out West in the future.

Happy Anniversary!

Working for fashionlines was a big turn over in my career, not only for the opportunities they gave me to cover some of the most important fashion shows of the world, but also for being able to shoot amazing fashion editorials.  I only learned what the word "high couture" really meant after I met Christine Suppes.


Love at the First Sight of Manolo

Manolo Blahnik is not only a virtuoso with shoes, he is also a matchmaker. Let me explain…

I wore this beautiful pair of black satin stilettos (complete with miniature rhinestone stars) to my friend Alexandra Suppes’ graduation dinner. I must admit they were fierce. Fashionlines editor-in-chief Christine Suppes (Alexandra’s mother and an owner of the exact same delectable pair) approached my group to introduce herself. The Chanel wrapped glamazon struck me with awe and a healthy dose of aspiration. My eyes traveled (in retrospect, I believe my eyes were lured, or perhaps, compelled by some force) from her clear blue eyes down to her feet. Her perfectly pedicured toes nestled elegantly atop a pair of gorgeous Manolos embellished with crimson coral. I looked up. Our eyes met. It was love at the first sight of Manolo.

It is said that every journey begins with a single step. Three years and numerous runway reports later, I not only agree with this truism, but also have addendum: the best way to step out and up is in Blahniks.

I started out as a Fashionlines aficionado: pouring over exclusively filtered coverage of the season’s best; admiring “Jewels by Christine”; tapping my brain for possible avenues to lead me into the staff’s distinguished entranceway. Somehow, I managed to wiggle myself through the cracks to become much more than a mere admirer – I became the youngest reporter on staff. As a member of the acclaimed Fashionlines family, my gratitude and sheer bliss for being part of such an incredible publication, amongst such incredible people, has yet to wane.

One of my most cherished memories was the afternoon Christine and I spent in London during the 2004 holiday season. Christine is a woman who refuses to sacrifice fashion for comfort; attempting to chase a cab in a high traffic, unfamiliar area is never easy in high heels, but at least she did it with flair and elegance in her Chanel tweed pumps. As usual, Christine’s unparalleled generosity was overflowing that day: she brought me to the National Gallery’s Raphael exhibition; treated me to a delightful lunch at Claridge’s; even surprised me with a darling Vivienne Westwood coinpurse. (I know Christine will be in the books as the best boss ever. Where else is anyone going to find a fun, intelligent woman who not only treats her employees out to lunch, but tosses in a few Westwood, Chanel and Hermés accessories here and there?)

And yet, Christine’s generosity far exceeds the physical; she has a singular way of offering an abundance of genuine warmth and support to those she cares for, and these gifts manage to shadow even the most beautiful coinpurse or Hermés bracelet. Christine, I love you dearly and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the invaluable experience and knowledge you have given me. Your words of wisdom that I will treasure forever:

  • Never settle for less than you deserve.
  • Always aim for the best.
  • Never drink beer, only champagne.

Coco Chanel one said, “There is no time for cut-and-dried monotony. There is time for work. And time for love. That leaves no other time!” When I think of Fashionlines, I think of a staff who banishes monotony and chooses to fuse their work with their love of discovering the beautiful in people and in the fashion they wear. That leaves no other time, and only their passion remains.

A Fashionlines Memory

I do not think life gets any better than to spend a week in Paris with your best friend during Fashion Haute Couture. Just imagine your work as a pure fashion fantasy, every trace of reality is erased from your schedule and your days are waking up to a cup of café crème, a croissant, and the bells of Saint Sulpice. After waking to so many delights it is time to dress up in your iconic fashion favorites and get ready to spend your whole day with your dearest girlfriend reviewing Haute Couture. This was my dream come true. I was flying in from London where I had just spent a week with my other best friend (my husband), but somehow fashion is not the same with him. In London I would put on my flat Burberry “walking” boots and take the city by foot, so I was prepared to do the same in Paris. Our favorite fashion editor, Christine, said,” just put on your heels and fur and you’ll be ready for anything that should come our way,” I had no idea how necessary theses two fashion essentials would be. I did have one trepidation, I told Christine I could not make it through the whole day walking in high heels, to which Christine replied,” Oh Margaret, you do not understand, we are not walking, we have Bruno, our driver”! Just when I was thinking my fashion fantasy could not get any better, I find out I can wear my fishnets and four inch heels in January in snow and not get cold or ruin my shoes, and arrive at every event looking fresh!

The dream was real, we would start our day at 9am and end at midnight and there was not a dull moment or rather not a moment that was not beautiful and fun! As there was no time for changing during the day, the fur coat and high heels were the perfect choice for looking “chic” and keeping warm, and of course with Bruno on call for us, the minute we would start to feel the chill on our legs, there he was to sweep us off to the Ritz, The Crillon, The Intercontinental, etc.

This fashion fantasy hit an all time high note at the Christian Lacroix Haute Couture Show. I have never seen so may beautiful dresses in succession and probably never will again, I do not know how even Mr. Lacroix could top this collection. These designs were conceived in a beautiful dream and sewn with such care by the “petites mains”. Our seats were front and center; this fashion experience was “La crème de la crème”! But little did I know that this fashion highlight would continue, I was delighted to become part of Christine’s fairytale and travel with her to LA for the fitting of one of Mr. Lacroix’s beautiful creations and lucky for us we know how to enjoy our fashion treats and we had another wonderful memory in LA!

Having Fashionlines in my life has given me an opportunity I could never dream of. This is the ideal place to my express creativity, as I get to put my graphic touch around articles that deserve nothing but the most beautiful and careful treatment. Our team is invigorating and inspirational. Our topics are educational and fun. Our structure is never mundane or static. There is always something going on in the world of fashion, and for six years, Fashionlines has been on the front end of it all, letting the world know what we think. I only hope that we have a bright future that builds on our exquisite past. Congratulations Christine and the entire Fashionlines team—beautiful work!


Fashionlines could not have come this far for this long without our amazing writers, photographers, and artists.  I want to say THANK YOU to all of our staff and faithful readers for making this magazine a success.


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