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Lagerfeld Farewell to Daylight

In the early hours of July 6, 2005, Karl Lagerfeld was standing on Rue Montmartre outside La Tryptique, a Paris night club which was home to Hedi Slimane's thirty seventh birthday party gala. A light rain had begun to fall over the darkened streets as Karl turned to Betty Catroux, with whom he had emerged from a black limousine some minutes earlier. Sanguinely he remarked, "Well, I needed to take a shower anyway."

Such is life for one of the most prolific couturier/photographer/designers of our time. You would almost think that he runs without sleep, busy as he is capturing the reflections of style and space that define our era. Often working late into the night, he turns his elegant touch towards a variety of art forms.

So, it's not surprising that his latest creation, a collection of photographs entitled "Farewell To Daylight", and on display at the Pace/Macgill Gallery in New York from May 18 to June 17, represents some of his best work to date. Many of the pictures are hauntingly beautiful: the darkened Seine caught in the fleeting moments of twilight, La Samarataine floodlit in the background, the wispy pink and blue clouds of sunset painting the sky above the somber façade of L'Institute de France. Porticoes and columns recede into infinite shadow, and the urban backdrop takes on an abstract quality. Captured in the moments that separate light for darkness, these images are the result of Lagerfeld's nocturnal strolls through Paris. The show features over twenty 16 X 20 inch gelatin silver prints, as well as a selection of digital pigment and Fresson color prints.

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