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Denim has come a long way since Levi Strauss launched his revolutionary brand of “hard-wearing work wear” in 1873. A far cry from the world-renowned Bavarian immigrant’s cheap, durable trousers made from rough canvas and metal rivets, today’s jeans are premium luxury wear. Suitable for any occasion, except weddings and funerals, jeans have staged a successful coup of the retail market. From boardrooms (think eccentric Apple CEO Steve Jobs) to couture runways, denim is fashion’s new darling. Embellished (Dolce & Gabbana) or stripped to bare basics (Evisu of Japan produced with rare and ancient equipment) jeans can speak volumes about a person’s cool factor, class, and status. So, what do your jeans say about you?

One of the most frowned upon fashion faux pas of contemporary times is uniformity. While mass produced overabundance chokes the life out of distinctive style, fashion cognoscenti clamor to set themselves apart, even only by an unusual hook, selvage detail, embroidered pattern or twisted seam. That is why extra discerning niche consumers, searching relentlessly for the newest, hippest, most cutting edge pair of jeans go to extreme lengths to unearth the next big pair. Of course, true to form this new cult of blue connoisseurs is willing to pay the price for unique flair. As a result, new underground denim labels sprout out of the least likely villiages near Rio de Janeiro. As is always the case in fashion and passion, too much is never enough…

The real tragedy behind the denim phenomenon is most women’s sheer inability to choose the right pair of jeans for their body type. It will take only one more full figured woman vandalized in ultra low-cut denim pants and a midriff bearing top before opt for solitary isolation on a tropical island. Indeed, fashion is steered by fads, but tailoring each trend to fit your own sense of style, as well as the strengths and limitations of your shape, makes for tasteful panache.


If you are full figured…

Immediately axe low-cut light colored jeans from your wardrobe. For a leaner, meaner, and positively bootylicious effect, pick dark washed denims that create the illusion of a svelte figure.

If you have mile-long gams…

Avoid Capri jeans like the black plague. Otherwise, you will end up looking like sweet little Alice who suddenly outgrew her clothes in Wonderland. Always opt for longer length boot-cut denims preferably in darker hues. Remember, deep blue and navy have an instant slimming effect.

If you have apple bottoms…

Quit trying to camouflage your curvaceous body. Instead, accentuate your hourglass shape with high waisted fitted jeans embellished with pocket details. In other words, if you’ve got it flaunt it.

If you a flat bottom…

Ban high-waisted styles from your repertoire. For all eternity choose low-cut models with rear embellishments a lá embroidered patterns and sequined pockets.

If you are pint-sized…

Never choose baggy, high-waisted jeans. For you, sexy fitted-cuts with extra long seams are the way to go.

If you have a pear-shaped body…

Don’t buy into the 50s beatnik look epitomized by fitted pants that taper towards the ankles. For drop dead gorgeous resultscounterbalance your ample hips with a pair of flared jeans.

Finally, don’t be afraid to take chances. Go out there and look for the perfect pair of jeans that allude to something special about you. After all, it is no fun to look like every other girl on the street.

Since, style cannot be extruded by mechanized repetition cast aside those familiar pair of 7s and look into the wide variety of chic West Coast labels in your local blue jean bar.




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