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essential beauty fixes

The man of your dreams is scheduled to arrive in 10 minutes and you look absolutely stunning in a slinky evening gown. As a final touch, you spritz on some perfume. Unfortunately, a few of the particles get in one eye and after a few seconds of aggressive rubbing, you are staring back at a baby raccoon in the mirror. What do you do?

A) Cancel your date by claiming excruciating migraine pains.
B) Keep him waiting until you remove and reapply your entire "face".
C) Ask him if he can change the reservation for later.
D) Soak a q-tip in makeup remover or toner and wipe off the smudge around the smudged eye.

We have all been there. Beauty meltdowns have rendered us terrified, incapacitated, and desperate. But there is a quick fix for every aesthetic problem in the book. That is why Fashionlines is publishing a comprehensive guide to effective and easy solutions to cosmetic calamities.

Clown FaceClown Face

It is always wise to start with little color and build up gradually. It is far easier to add than it is to remove when it comes to pigment. But, let's say you went a little overboard with the bronzer or the blush and don’t have enough time to reapply. Pick up a clean powder blush and go over the problem area in light circular motions to remove excess particles. Conversely, if you need to tone down cream or gel blush, rub a dab of moisturizer on the cheeks.


Cakey VisageCakey Visage

There is nothing more unattractive than a mask like, cakey complexion. If you applied more than a desirable amount of foundation, spray your face with water or rosewater and rework the product into the skin with a synthetic sponge. This will blend the color better, while removing excess.


lip stainsLip Stains

Some of the new generation of lipsticks literally glue on to pout. Preferred for their long lasting capabilities, these products may feel as if they have been permanently tattooed on. In order to get rid of lip stains, wet a cotton ball with eye makeup remover and rub away the color. Prefer gentle and oily formulations for best results.


Lumpy MascaraLumpy Mascara

Gunky mascara can ruin a beautiful face. Black lumps on eye lashes are distracting and unsightly. If your favorite product has thickened and refuses to glide on smoothly, immerse it in a glass of hot water. This will soften the formulation and melt away clots.


Tired Baby Blues

After a long night of drinking & partying (or tossing & turning) your baby blues can look tired and sunken. To pop them out, line the inner lashes with a white pencil. Then apply a bit of iridescent white or pink shadow to the inner corners of the eyes to light up the gaze. These techniques will help you fake the look of someone who just returned from a week long spa vacation in Hawaii.


Dry linerDry Liner

If your eye or your lip liner is so dry that it is tugging away at your flesh during use, hold it under the warm heat of a blow dryer. The temperature will soften up the tip, allowing the color to glide on.


Black undereyesBlack Undereyes

Black undereyes are the result of dark eye makeup smudging. The most effective way of preventing this from happening is leaving the lower lashes bare. But, if you prefer to go for amplified glamour, wipe the wand with a tissue before each application for increased precision. Then, pat the undereye region with a clean sponge dipped in translucent powder.


Miracle WhipDry Patches

Certain areas of the body have no oil glands. That is why, they do not respond to regular, over-the-counter moisturizers. If your elbows and knees are so parched that they flake right off, reach in to your refrigerator for the Miracle Whip. Apply the rich fluff on the problem area and rub it in with finger tips. Your body’s natural heat will melt the product into the skin. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.


Beard burnHeat of the Moment Beard-Burn

What if you had a steamy night with a handsome hunk and the set the bed sheets on fire? There is no need for your face to continue burning the next day. If suffering from a case of beard-burn: massage a bit of cortisone cream (available over-the-counter) to take away the redness and assuage the stinging pain.


TweezersTweezer Bumps

Are you getting ugly bumps on your lids after you pluck? If yes, your tweezers may be a hot bed for dirt, oil, and bacteria. To disinfect, immerse them in a plastic cup filled with anti-bacterial mouth wash. The world is brutally stressful as it is. There is not need to add to the frenzy with unnecessary panic attacks. Just compartmentalize beauty crises and come up with individual (not to mention innovative) solutions for each. That way you can focus your energies on what really matters – like turning your date into an adoring little puppy.

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