Haute Couture Autumn winter 06 07

By Christine Suppes
Photos by Marie-Béatrice Seillant

Jean Paul Gaultier's genius is in his cut and his color sense, which is why he is so admired and adored. Say "trench coat" and Gaultier comes immediately to mind. He satisfied his trench coat lovers with a black dress, cut in the front to look like a trench, but with one full bat wing sleeve and a fitted back. His sequined black turtleneck gown with long sleeves, a tight bodice and full taffeta skirt resembled rivulets dripping onto a matte landscape. A colorful striped sequined jumpsuit took on a dream from the Andes, while the hot pink and electric blue gowns with their artful cut and drape looked like a gala night in any major capital in the world. Worldly and sophisticated, this runway leaves little for timid women and a lot for the intellectual and unrepressed.
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