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Victorian Doll

Jenni Kayne might be a young designer, but her stylistic sensibilities are classic. Aiming to conceive elegant clothes effused with a timeless charm, Kayne exercises restraint and conservatism uncharacteristic of her age. Using luxurious tweeds, velvets, and wools to construct sensible pieces that can double as day and evening wear, the gifted girl from LA blurs aesthetic boundaries. With the hope of creating “Ageless collections for women who live in their clothes,” Jenni combines time-honored artisanship with cutting edge awareness. Ultimately, her work underscored by rigorous tailoring and inspired design is the post-modern face of distinguished attire.

This season Jenni Kayne made references to her previous work in the form of charmeuse aprons, sequined looped skirts, and tailored jackets, but her Victorian inspired apparel really pushed the envelope. Cast in brooding shades like black, navy, gray, plum, and chocolate these retro chiffon blouses, blazers, and dresses expressed muted sexuality, innocent grace and natural allure. Finally, the designer’s opulent fur pieces, diluted by boxy cuts, stressed a sense of glamour devoid of ostentation.

Worthy of unforgettable big screen icons like Ava Gardner, Marlena Dietrich, and Deborah Kerr Jenni’s autumnal clothes are bound to adorn refined females of delicate taste.

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