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PARIS Spring 2004

For his luminous Spring 2004 Fendi collection, Karl Lagerfeld opted to abandon his Autumn 2003 futuristic vision, characterized by the use of spine-tingling detonation of colors. Instead of Electric Barbarella sex machines, this season Kaiser Karl created a post modernist femme, defined by contemporary clean lines and an urban color palette. The resulting body of work reinvented the Spring Woman as a bold, poised and willful individual who has the audacity to reject the tyranny of floral prints in bright hues.

Lagerfeld's new creations were a subtle nod to the seventies, short of exploiting that era's fashion clichés. Wide belts reminiscent of wide brocade Japanese obis, sloping shoulders, flowing circle cut skirts in fabrics shimmering with touches of gold and silver and finally watery silk prints created a prolific mélange of styles skillfully united to create a unique Fendi look. Refusing to settle for monogamy with a specific style or genre Lagerfeld argues that, "Part of [his] business in fashion is not to look the way the things are but to make believe what it should or could be." Indeed, the master's immaculately constructed hourglass overlapping jackets and innovative strapless dresses made out of semi sheer leather (gathered above the waist with a belt) will set the new standard for this season.

The must-have Fendi items for spring are pastel silk print jumpsuits--irresistible with their weightless feel-- and the forever glamorous fur and skin pieces. Further pay special attention to the allure of the dark purple jacket, distinct with its emphasized shoulder line worn over a creamy lissome skirt dancing around the curve of the hips to the rhythm of seduction. This is divinity alla Karl.

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